Teacher shares how principals used teachers for big budget increase

The Sheriff and upper paid people in the Sheriff’s office use the deputies the same way the the principals use the teachers.   A teacher shares being used by her boss:

“I used to be a Blount County School teacher.  I remember when the education dept. was wanting more money to give the teachers a small raise (and give themselves a big raise–done by giving a percentage raise), the principals would call their teachers and ask if we wanted to help rally at the courthouse.  There were usually very nice, professionally made signs waiting for us to carry as we picketed outside and in the courthouse.  (I thought of this when I saw the professional looking signs carried by those wanting the raises for the sheriff’s dept.)  I finally got wise and quit going for these rallies because the education department was using us to get lots of money, and only giving teachers a small part of it to keep our salaries low so as to continue using us as leverage to get more money.”

2 thoughts on “Teacher shares how principals used teachers for big budget increase

  1. What’s new? The officials always keep a small number of workers at a low wage so they can use them as a rally point for more funding. I remember one time several years ago the schools wanted more money and got a rumor started if they didn’t get the additional funding there was a possibility that football and band would be cut. Nothing was said about a science or math class. They knew which buttons to push. The public is gullible every time.

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