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Several people have complained to me that paper hasn’t published their letters to the editor.  I asked them to send them to me for publication and also asked them how they submitted them.  One submitted the letter online.  The other two mailed signed copies.

Am I the only one getting sick of reading 1/3 page editorials on “Insure TN”?   Here we go again with Maryville Alcoa Daily Times op-ed excoriating the dumb Tennesseans, Floridians, and Texans for passing up all that ObamaCaid Federal Grant Money to accept TN Care expansion.  No strings are attached of course.  Really?   No, just read the first and last sentence of their op-ed.

“Tennessee is among several states in danger of losing federal money…”

“Poor Tennesseans and overburdened hospitals will be left to watch federal tax dollars go to other states.”

In other words losers, get ready to feel the bite of extortion from a Statist National Government gone mad, whose only ability of persuasion of their governed (so far) is to offer bribes of freshly printed pallets of money with no real wealth to back it up, or to kite threats of interrupting the stream of the statist doles already in place. Tennessee is ranked 50th, ie., the lowest per-capita indebtedness from encumbrance of unfunded entitlements.  This is something we should be ashamed of?  We should strive to be like Illinois, California, New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut?  Now, there are some real Obamacaid winners!  See www.statebudgetsolutions.org
Clay Wynn


Washington DC is showmanship not statesmanship

Dear Editor,

I have noticed a disturbing trend in your editorials. Online you have two editorials on April 9th that praised Senator Bob Corker. Your April 10th editorial praised Senator Lamar Alexander. Your April 16th editorial again praised Corker. Your editorials on the 21st and 30th praised Alexander.

Six of your last nineteen editorial, at the time of this letter, are in praise of Senators Alexander and Corker. The Daily Times may not officially endorse candidates but you sure are trying awfully hard to do it in your editorials.

No matter how many times you tell us that Lamar Alexander is Blount County’s own, the voters made it clear in the last election, like Tennessee did with Al Gore, that he should return to piano playing and get out of politics.

I take exception with your characterization of Lamar Alexander exercising statesmanship.  The man who presents himself with the plaid shirt is anything but an ordinary taxpayer. He is a career politician who knows how to play the game. That means he is a good politician not a statesman.

In particular, you praise him because he asked EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to do her job in a timely manner. Wow, imagine that! Apparently statesmanship is so deficient in government that asking a bureaucrat to do her job is worthy of high praise. What did you expect her to say, that she would drag her feet, taking as long as she could? Congressional hearings have long been for showmanship not statesmanship.

The true statesmen are the eleven commissioners who voted to ask the federal government to follow the constitution. Thank you commissioners Akard, Archer, Bowers, Carter, Caskey, Cole, Crowe, Daly, French, Miller, and Monroe for respecting the property rights of we the people.



May 26, 2015


Recently there have been several articles regarding proposed tax increases and I hope the public realizes how serious this situation is.  Blount County is proposing to raise property taxes nearly 25%; this comes after they raised sales tax by 22%.  The City of Maryville also wants to raise sales tax by .05 cents.

I contacted all the commissioners voicing my strenuous objection.  Of the 20 commissioners I received only 2 responses.  One commissioner indicated she was not for the increase but felt the county should live within the revenues currently collected.  The other commissioner said I should have supported the wheel tax.  The other 18 either don’t care enough about their constituents to reply or have already made the decision to raise these taxes.

At this point it appears there will NOT be a COLA adjustment for social security in 2016 however, insurance rates may go up 50% next year, depending on several on-going issues with the Affordable Care Act.  How does the commission think the taxpayers will be able to afford all these increases with no increase in Social Security or wages?  People are already struggling, why put additional burden on the public?

If I don’t have enough money in the bank I have to make tough decisions on how to live within my budget.  The same should be true for the city and county; now is the time to make those tough decisions.

Contact you county commissioners NOW before it’s too late.

Vickie Brooks

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