One thought on “Retired general: Drones do more damage than good, Iraq war gave rise to ISIS

  1. Was that a Republican President that destroyed Iraq and opened up the gates of Hoelle in the Sunni-v-Shi’a religious war; or a Democratic President? I sure think folks, especially around Blount county, sure have short short memories.

    When Iran joins the rest of the world in free trade, there will be one of the quickest changes in Gov’t and foreign policy, the world has ever seen. Just like the 18th century Christian-Born Omnists, Christian-Born Agnostics, and Christian-Born Atheists (that founded our country, based on their disgust of all Us-vs-Them-Religions [Catholic vs Protestant at-that-time]); the Muslim-Born Omnists, Muslim-Born Agnostics, and Muslim-Born Atheists will bring about change in Persia first, and (IMO) we’ll all rapidly witness the spread of Western Ideologies thru-out the region.

    To shut down the chance of ever burying the hatchet (an age old Cherokee tradition) with Iran (Persia – to those that flinch at the “I” word), would be stupid at best. Even THE Ron Paul knows that diplomacy with Persia is the right idea; & he’s from the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to Libruhl ideologies.

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