Not everything on this website is written by me

There are some in the community who think that everything on this website is written by me (Tona Monroe).  That is not the case.  This site was never intended to be a website solely with material written by me.  I own domains with my name and could just as easily write the material there.

There are some in the community who think that I agree with everything written on this website.  That is not the case either.  My intention in creating this website was never to have complete and total agreement with every word posted here.

The litmus test for content on this website was never complete and total agreement with my views and is not the case now.  My goals are to promote freedom and transparency in government.  Those are the reasons why I started this website and why I continue publishing on this website.  Those are also the reasons that I ran for office and what I hope to achieve while in office.

The content here is intended to be thought provoking while promoting freedom and openness in government.  Everything that is posted here should no more be viewed as my opinions than letters to the editors are viewed as being the opinions of the editors at newspapers.

As I’ve said many times before and will continue saying, let freedom ring!

5 thoughts on “Not everything on this website is written by me

  1. Thanky for even allowing anti-war libruhls to speak their minds, RF. You is a credit to all freedom lovin’ Blount countians! You may be really wrong on a lot of stuff, but you ain’t haughty enuff to throw stones. That said, I’d pick Bernie over Rand or Donald, but I don’t know who’s gonna take on Mayor Ed in ’18. Maybe the Twinkie King?

    • Now libruhl, I am more of a dove myself so my domestic policies should be pretty good also. I don’t want to meddle abroad or at home.

      My views are much more Ron than Rand.

      What you gonna do when the two party uni-system gives us Clinton vs. Bush? I will fill a vomit bag.

  2. I agree with all the libertarian stuff. Republicans and Democrats represent ancient ways of central planning. Those guys will soon be in the trash bin of history.

    Keep up the good work Tona!!

    • Thank you Herbert. For several months, I’ve been thinking about writing an article entitled Central Economic Planning: The Way of Local Government or a similar title and show how the Republicans and Democrats both support central planning. I’ve lacked the time to make it a top notch article.

      Maybe I’ll have the time in the future. In the meantime, feel free to point out examples of R&D (not the good kind, meaning research and development) central planning.

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