A critique of recent economic evaluations of community water fluoridation


When is the Mayor going to be true to his word to the Smoky Mountain Tea Party Patriots (SMTPP) and appoint new people to the water board?  He told the SMTPP that he knew water fluoridation is harmful, because Linda King kept him informed on the latest research.

If the Mayor knows that water fluoridation is harmful why does he reappoint the same people and allow the practice to continue?

2 thoughts on “A critique of recent economic evaluations of community water fluoridation

  1. Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. Sugar is the cause of tooth decay and fluoride won’t fix that. Like all drugs, fluoride has adverse side effects. See http://www.FluorideAction.Net/issues/health

    Legislators or water companies should never be allowed to prescribe drugs or nutrients to all their constituents or customers, deliver it by water employees (not a side-effect explaining pharmacist) and dosed based on thirst and not age, weight health and need.

    There is no dispute between those for and against fluoridation that too much fluoride damages bones; but there is no federal, state or other agency checking to see when we’ve reached the tipping point. We already know our children are fluoride overdosed as evidence by their fluoride discolored teeth (dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth) but what has it done to their bones?

    Science does not support fluoridation. Politics keeps it alive and we can tell who’s more concerned about their own political viability instead of their constituents when fluoridation is allowed to persist

  2. You do know that there’s just as much evidence that fluoride in your drinking water does not cause Alzheimer’s, as there is evidence that it does cause Alzheimer’s. So if it only takes 50 years or so, to get soaked into your bones and skull, and such; then it will only take a few hundred years to see the results. Surely, we’ve enough time to wait it out, for a conclusive study—that way we won’t anger the ADA, and chemical additive companies that profit from the sale of smoke-stack scrapings!

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