Private citizens in Tennessee can make traffic stops and arrests for traffic violations

For those who would like to see more DUI enforcement, the Court of Criminal Appeals in Tennessee at Knoxville has affirmed that state law empowers citizens to arrest those driving under the influence of alcohol.  See the opinion here:

Arresting power of private citizens includes misdemeanors in addition to felonies.  Most of us have had police officers blow past us at high rates of speed that far exceed the posted speed limit without having their lights on.  I once witnessed an officer put his lights on to go though an intersection and then turn his lights off after he got through the intersection.

Minor traffic offenses are usually handled with a citation in lieu of arrest but more serious violations usually result in arrest.  I wonder what would happen if private citizens started exercising this power to arrest officers for all the traffic violations that they commit in public.  An officer once told me that courts frown on it, but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

3 thoughts on “Private citizens in Tennessee can make traffic stops and arrests for traffic violations

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  2. I would hope that you understand that, should you DARE to try stopping a “Law Enforcement” officer for violating a traffic law, he will have his Brothers in Blue on scene immediately, and you will pay for “assaulting” him. Possibly with your life, if they feel like it.

    There is only one way to deal appropriately with the foul sewage that “Law Enforcement” in this country has become. And please don’t give me that bullsh—- about “only a few bad apples”. If that was even REMOTELY the case, the so-called “good cops” would quickly rid their force of the swill. No, that barrel is indeed rotten to its very core. There are at most a few dozen good cops in this entire country. And they are only in the smallest of departments, and FAR AWAY from any hive. And simply being in a small rural department does NOT guarantee the cops are good, because there is no shortage of corruption in small departments as well.

    The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

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