Blount County Tax Revolt honors the six commissioners who voted against the property tax increase and budget


Former Commissioner Jim Folts presents District 7 County Commissioner Tona Monroe with two awards.

Blount County Tax Revolt presented Blount County Commissioners Mike Akard, Archie Archer, Tom Cole, Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and Tona Monroe with an award for voting against the largest property tax increase in the history of Blount County government and for voting against the budget that was funded by the tax increase.

Commissioners Karen Miller and Tona Monroe were also given an additional Special Recognition Award.

Community stalwarts Jim Folts and Linda King spoke.  Richard Hutchens gave slide show presentation on the excuses used to justify wasteful spending.  Those reasons are routinely given at commission meetings.

The Daily Times covered the awards banquet, which had to be moved from the original room to a larger room because turnout was greater than expected.

The emails have been pouring in this morning.  Thank you to everyone for the kind remarks and thank you to the good folks of Blount County Tax Revolt for their dedication in protecting the hardworking taxpayers of Blount County.

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4 thoughts on “Blount County Tax Revolt honors the six commissioners who voted against the property tax increase and budget

  1. It is not only good to see principled people involved in local government it is a pleasure to see the citizens acknowledge and appreciate leaders that get involved for the benefit of the citizens and not going along to get along like most elected officials are inclined to do. Tona is a die heart principled leader that will do the right thing no matter what the opposition throws at her and they have been known to throw some ugly stuff in order to shut her up. But she sticks with it and NEVER compromises on her principles no matter what. We need more leaders like her and if the citizens of Blount County want to REALLY turn the place around you need to get about 20 good people to run against these tax and spend legislators in the next election cycle.

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