Did commissioner Shawn Carter let the plan slip ahead of time?

Channel 6 is questioning whether the Sunshine law was violated prior to Tuesday’s Agenda Committee meeting.

You can watch what is likely the shortest Agenda Committee meeting in the history of Blount County.

Notice that Commissioner Shawn Carter was ready to make a motion to adjourn before voting on the agenda.  When Carter made that motion, Jerome Moon looked and me and said “What”, acting surprised.

Agenda Committee Chairman Steve Samples told Carter “Well, let’s see, we’re going to, we need to set the agenda before we do that.”  While Jerome Moon and Samples were talking about setting the agenda, Carter can be heard saying, “I’m still going to motion.”

Commissioner Jerome Moon made the motion to set the agenda and Jamie Daly seconded it.  Jerome Moon voted against his own motion.  Why?

After the motion to set the agenda failed Samples told Carter, “Commissioner Carter, now you have your light on.”  Samples didn’t finish his statement.

Shawn Carter issued this statement regarding the meeting.  In it, he said,

“It took me a couple days to find out what actions I could take at that agenda meeting to stop this media circus before it got started .Once you have 11 people you have a quorum, then said persons can make a motion to adjourn as I eagerly attempted to do.”

Carter implies in his statement that he wanted to adjourn before voting to set the agenda.  One has to wonder if Carter goofed up and let what appears to be the plan slip ahead of time since Chairman Samples said, “Well, let’s see, we’re going to, we need to set the agenda before we do that.” (bolded for emphasis)

8 thoughts on “Did commissioner Shawn Carter let the plan slip ahead of time?

  1. I will never believe that this was not planned before the meeting. I am sure that at least 2 commission members discussed and came up with this strategy before the meeting. I really despise being lied to.

  2. One wonders if we were discussing something that struck a nerve with Mr. Carter if he would be so quick to shut down discussion. I think not.

  3. Subject: Watching the BCC Agenda Meeting Video …Wow!

    Clearly, some folks failed to execute their lines on cue from the prearranged script.

    Commissioner Shawn moved to adjourn the meeting before it got started.

    Agenda Chairman Samples had to start the play over again (–tweet—tweet—illegal procedure!)

    What a hoot!

    I was glad to see the big crowd in attendance got a chance to see how the commission really works, particularly Jerome Moon running around after the 3 minute meeting saying “don’t worry the resolution didn’t get on record”, amidst the howls of “cowards, cowards!”.

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  5. 1788 – fictional Kirk Family Massacre invented to justify mass genocide in south Blount County

    1976 – TN’s new Greenbelt Law encourages angry Yankees to re-locate to Blount to hide wealth & avoid paying taxes

    1992 – Frozen Embryo Trial sets legal precedence of preembryonic rights

    July 2015 – CSX attacks Blount with supposed so-called Acrylonitrile spill

    October 2015 – Wrath-of-God-gate uncovers plot of SCOTUS to force their ways upon us

    Weez gettin’ more famous much quicker ’round here, nowadays. It’s good to see the fear of national press, scares the cozy ones into thinking they can put the genie back in the bottle!

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  7. This action identifies, even to the card carrying Hillary Clinton liberals on the Blount County Commission, that poor leadership as demonstrated by Michell makes it necessary to surround himself with mindless puppets. The head of the school board is our #1 example. This un-American behavior of constant behind closed doors decision-making shown by those that have risen to power through family relationships will not get better until Mitchell resigns AND takes his lap dogs with him. It is sad to see the new boy in training mess up his lines when provided a golden opportunity.

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