09 October 2015

Dear Madam Speaker,

If you are looking for the premier Good-Old-Boy gang in the state of Tennessee, you need look no further than the Blount County Commission headed by a most liberal tax and spend money-driven Blount county mayor. At the commission’s last scheduled meeting, these clowns were falling all over themselves to end the meeting in their standard mode of operation to avoid any type of input from the taxpayers. To the ridiculous point that even before the required opening procedures, the newest Boy in Training upset his back room handlers by making a motion to adjourn sooner than he had been directed.

Of course, these well-known and notorious behind closed door leaders knew they needed the basics completed so the meeting could go in the books as valid. This fiasco made the Knoxville news. I am certain the news folks will be glad to provide a copy to the Tennessee Speaker of the House. The antics of the mayor and his lock-step men only gang on the commission are well know to those in Blount county looking for change from seat-holders only interested in increasing taxes on the poor and seniors of Blount county. Finally, it is getting attention. National news will be better.

It is impossible to muster respect for this sad handful of individuals that conduct men only behind-closed-doors business fully believing they have no need to listen to the constituents. If you ask the hardcore ones, they know who they are, among them to understand what the constant tax and spend policies are doing to the poorer minorities and seniors within the community of Blount county, you will be asked if you have considered moving.

I ask, on behalf of all people in the Great state of Tennessee looking for more competent government, that you look into the seedy side of Blount county politics.

Most respectfully,
Clarence J. Nash ThM
Maryville, Tennessee

Cc: Blount mayor
     Blount County Commissioners
     The Daily Times
     The Knoxville News Sentinel

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  1. Mr. Nash,

    If you are not happy here and you can’t “beat” the good ole boy system or network, then perhaps you SHOULD consider moving. Move to a place where you would be more happy. Actually, having just wrote that statement, I am not sure there is a place where you would be more happy. You are just not a very happy person.



  2. Appealing to Beth Harwell is going to leave you sorely disappointed (disillusioned?) with the TNGOP. However, they (and the Dems) will allow you to continue to pay for their private political club elections called “primaries” and maybe even participate! (but only if you pinkie-swear and bow the knee to the GOP).

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