County has no resume for double dipping Denny

After reporting that Denny Garner became the Facilities Coordinator for the county in addition to the Fleet Manager in the Sheriff’s Office, I inquired further into the matter.

No resume
Request for a resume from the Sheriff’s Office, Mayor’s Office and HR have revealed that the county does not have a resume for double dipping Denny Garner.  Yes, you read that right.  The county doesn’t think it important enough to request a resume from the man with the keys to the county buildings and the Sheriff’s fleet (and it’s a big one).

Chief Deputy Jeff French with the Sheriff’s Office told me that the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t ask for resumes because it uses an online application process.  When I asked if the Sheriff’s Office had a copy of the application, French responded saying, “There was not a copy in his personnel file.

While it would appear that the Sherriff’s Office did ask some questions prior to hiring Denny Garner, one is left to wonder how thorough it was since there is no application available in his personnel file.  One would think that someone put in charge of county building maintenance and a large fleet would have to demonstrate that he has some relevant work experience in both areas before he is made head honchos (remember these were TWO full time positions) but then again this is Blount County government that we’re talking about.

No straight answer given on how someone can work two full time positions at the same time
The HR Director wouldn’t give me a straight answer on how someone who was working over time on a full time position could take on an additional full time position and manage both.  However, the Director did say that the two positions have been consolidated and that double dipping Denny won’t be paid overtime anymore.

According the HR Director, double dipping Denny’s annual salary is $68,033.32.
$38,033.32 is paid from 101-054110-500142
$30,000 is paid from 101-051800-500105

Full time hours + full time hours + overtime hours for one of the full time positions = how many hours?  One does have to wonder when double dipping Denny sleeps.

5 thoughts on “County has no resume for double dipping Denny

  1. I don’t think the lack of a Resume is nearly as disturbing as a county employee receiving 2 paychecks.

    If a non-government employee was caught receiving unemployment while being employed, the government would seek to prosecute the citizen for FRAUD. Here we have a government employee making 2 paychecks for working 2 jobs plus overtime compensation, and the government doesn’t even question how one person can simultaneously do two 40 hour jobs; and the government’s reaction is nothing more than a raised eyebrow wondering why Taxpayers would even have a problem with this.

    I say that at the very least Denny Garner should have to refund all of the money he received double dipping into the taxpayer’s wallet; to after a serious investigation, possibly filing criminal charges for fraud and embezzlement.

    This is my opinion. Forget the lack of a Resume and make Denny Garner an example for other county employees and prosecute him.

  2. Clearly the jobs could be consolidated under one pay stub. Open the new position up for a bid/contract. Suggest commission action to same.

    • Who gave the mayor authority to put aside A million dollars? Are the commissioners asleep in their seats? Mr. Vineyard has made a series of mistakes – when are we going to replace him to get our finances in order?

      Tona – please keep digging and bring out the failures of our present administration.

      Have a Merry Christmas

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