Does this look like someone who should be blocked?

Earlier this year Commissioner Daly and I (Tona Monroe) sponsored a resolution asking congress to pass legislation, which has passed the House, to repeal draconian EPA stormwater regulations.  The resolution passed despite Bryan Daniels trying to kill it so he could get credit for giving the farm away to bring jobs (a composites manufacturer?) to the area.  Our area would have to be in attainment status in order for the manufacturer to come in the area without having to install more pollution control equipment.

The Blount Partnership/Chamber of Commerce and what ever entity that Byran Daniels and his cohorts choose to be at the moment have blocked Commissioners Jamie Daly and me.  Despite the secretive, back stabbing, pancake eating, ribbon cutting, PR stunt craving ways of Daniels and Mayor Ed Mitchell, Jamie Daly commented on one of the Facebook pages of the royal deities about the possibility of more industry for the area.  Did the hard hitting comment, “Now we can have more industries.” instill in Daniels such a paralyzing fear that he felt the need to block communication with an elected official?  That comment was hardly a hard hitting rebuke, like I am known to deliver.

Bryan Daniels, his Chamber cohorts, Ed Mitchell, Chairman Jerome Moon and Bob Norris who hides behind his anonymous editorials are PR sensitive wimps.  Anyone can be a boot licker and take credit for giving the farm away.  Benjamin Franklin did it for years before he finally realized it was time to stand up to the crown and fight for the rights of the people.


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  1. I believe it was last week. The law requires them to publish a notice of meetings. If you don’t get the paper, check the library they keep back issues. I threw away my paper.

  2. From

    NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD OF BLOUNT COUNTY AND THE CITIES OF ALCOA & MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all residents of Blount County, Tennessee and to all persons interested, that an open, public Board meeting of the Board of Directors of The Industrial Development Board of Blount County and the Cities of Alcoa & Maryville, Tennessee (the “Board”), will be held on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 , commencing at 8:30 a.m. At the Baker Center located at 1640 Cumblerland Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee. At said meeting, said Board will conduct such business as may properly come before it. THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD OF BLOUNT COUNTY AND THE CITIES OF ALCOA & MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE ____________________________ Gary Hensley, Secretary/Treasurer November 14, 2015

    Public Notice ID: 22939564

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