Chamber has article against EPA Water Rule

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce posted an article yesterday about the EPA water rule and why it should be stopped.  The article says, “EPA’s regulatory overreach is so outrageous that hundreds of local government and business organizations back the bill.”

The local government of Blount County, Tennessee opposed the EPA’s water rule and supported legislation to stop it through the resolution that I (Tona Monroe) sponsored (see page 522).  So why did Bryan Daniels of the Blount Partnership and Chamber of Commerce work to kill my resolution?  What exactly was Daniels’ agenda?

This comes while the local Chamber of Commerce and Blount Partnership are bragging on Facebook about their 5 star accreditation from the U.S. Chamber.  The Chamber says, “we performed an intensive self-assessment of our operations in nine areas of work, including governance, government affairs, and technology.

The comment that was posted asking why the Chamber/Partnership blocked me and commissioner Jamie Daly if they were working on governance and government affairs appears to have been quickly deleted.


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