And the Beat Goes on… Newsletter by Commissioner Jamie Daly

Blount County Commissioner Jamie Daly is sending a printed newsletter to the voters in her district, which is the Louisville area.  The first two issues are available here for you to read.  Future editions will be available for your information by clicking on the picture of Jamie Daly in the right side column under the heading of And the Beat Goes on…

February 2015   Issue 1 page 1   Issue 1 page 2
June 2015   Issue 2 page 1   Issue 2 page 2

Correction to the second issue: A simple majority of 11 votes is required to override the veto of the Mayor, not a 2/3rds majority.

For the monthly Commission Reports published by Commissioner Tona Monroe serving in the 7th district in Blount County, TN, click here.

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