Highway Superintendent Bill Dunlap to retire

This morning I received a call telling me that Bill Dunlap will retire.  I called the Highway Department and Julie Talbott confirmed that Bill Dunlap is on vacation for two weeks and will be retiring effective February 1st.

Who will take his place?

Commissioner Jeff Headrick (5th District) has been posturing to take his place.  He is a developer and a waterboy for the Sheriff.  His wife is related to the Sheriff.  If he replaces Bill Dunlap then the Sheriff will effectively control the Highway Department, the Mayor, the Blount County Commission and the Sheriff’s Office.

Now would be a good time for Brian Downey to start campaigning.  He did well in the last election for someone with little name recognition starting out.  He will need to do more than put out signs if he intends to win.

Have you heard any other names?

10 thoughts on “Highway Superintendent Bill Dunlap to retire

  1. This is something that needs to be elected not appointed.
    We don’t have charter so under state law the commission can appoint an interim person and then put on emergency ballot for November.

  2. Awful sudden. I hope his health didn’t take a turn. If not, then, is there a impending investigation? I thought he wanted to finish replacing the bridges before he left! I for one feel Brian Downey got a raw deal from Dunlap. Most of the folks in the district Tona represents voted for Brian, and Dunlap has punished this area with zero work since. I hope Brian runs a great campaign and gets the nod from the majority. Not being vindictive, if Dunlap just has reached “the time”, then I wish him well.

  3. Will Brian Downey need others to help put signs out throughout the County, if he decides to pursue office ? If someone were to deliver signs to my home I will place them throughout the county, but if you, Tona endorses someone else if Mr. Downey decides not to seek office, I shall establish signs for that person also.

  4. Why not appoint Mr. Chico Messer to the position. He is Mr. Dunlap’s assistant, has a degree in Engineering, was the Chief Civil Engineer at the 134 ARW, is competent and is not from Blount County. He is an Engineer and not a politician. It would only make sense.

    • I worked with Chico Messer at the Airbase. I wouldn’t let him engineer my next doghouse. There are plenty of things about Mr. Messer that are not known to the public, but he certainly would NOT be my choice. and as far as the ARW goes, he was plenty politician in that position.

  5. Dunlap has repaved roads that were in darn good shape, while others have gone untouched for years. Every group should support someone who will repair/replace and new construction, based on need, not because of affiliation.

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