Don’t say I didn’t warn you

by Horatio Bunce

Jeb Bush gains some ground in GOP polls     (of course he is…..)

A recent Reuters poll shows him in third place, behind Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. Two South Carolina polls support that, showing the one-time frontrunner gaining ground, even edging out Florida’s other favorite son, Sen. Marco Rubio. Just a month ago, Bush was in single digits. Some even began to count him out.”

Uh, I think you meant just yesterday he was in single digits. Remember that Gallup poll 10 whole days ago where Single Digit Jeb took honors for “least favorable candidate”?

But Justin Clark of Fort Myers has a theory. “People are looking toward more conventional candidates.

Oh yeah…gimme that establishment GOP.  No need for that double-speak “conventional” stuff.

It probably has to do with he does have a lot of money backing him,” said Victoria Blaine.

No doubt, because you probably can’t find any actual voters backing him. Where ARE those JEB! stickers?

Have you noticed the game shift in the “news” this week? Trump constantly pitted vs. Cruz while Single Digit Jeb’s ads attack Rubio?  Rubio? You mean third place Rubio? Yep. Not Cruz. Not Trump. Normally, I would have said fourth place Rubio, but since the last debate Ben Carson has officially been killed by the “news” and their new poll numbers.

“Bush will need to perform strong in the next GOP debate to continue his rise.”

Oh? Well, thanks for pre-announcing that Single Digit Jeb, while currently “least favorable” among Republican voters is automatically ACTUALLY IN the next debate already.

So Single Digit Jeb from seventh to third….just like that.

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