Lack of Transparency Poll: Choose your top secret of 2015

Transparency Poll: Which is the most secretive action related to Blount County government in 2015?

10 commissioners vote down entire meeting agenda without explanation
Blount Partnership blocks commissioners Jamie Daly and Tona Monroe
Commission approves Department of “Denny Garner” $32,988 budget increase request with explanation line left blank
Commission votes on Evergreen study 7 months before final report is released
Mayor Ed Mitchell’s secret handling of ambulance contract
Mayor and Finance Director secretly earmark $1 million for jail; Sheriff tells TCI Board of Control about plan for another million
Mayor Ed Mitchell threatens to sue jail consultant and commission refuses to hear results of $94,580 study

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Learn more about these Blount County government secrets:
Did commissioner Shawn Carter let the plan slip ahead of time?
Blount Partnership admits its blocking two county commissioners
County paperwork lists “Denny Garner” as County Department
Evergreen Employee Classification and Compensation Study Final Report made public 7 months after vote
Mayor, finance chief set aside $1 million, much to commissioner’s dismay
Ambulance Contract: May 2015 Commission Report
Commission rejects hearing from jail consultant: Mayor praised consultant’s ideas

If you feel that something was more secretive than those listed here, you can leave your choice in the comments section.

9 thoughts on “Lack of Transparency Poll: Choose your top secret of 2015

  1. While the poll is still young I suggest this heading: Corruption Poll: Which is the most blatantly underhanded, snake in the grass, action related to Blount County government in 2015?

    Just accusing them of lack of transparency is far too kind.

    • You’re right. Since the poll is already live, I am going to leave it as it is because I don’t want to mess anything up. The words “Lack of” have been added to the headline.

  2. I also can not pick one they are all important…

    Moon should resign as Chairman. He has no respect for the women on the commission he should be charged with discrimination of women and removed from his chair. Those that tell the truth are considered the enemy and those that lie are hero’s in politics. They can run this county into the ground then
    blame it on the other commissioners. Such a disgrace to their constituents

  3. I completely understand those of you saying you can’t choose because they are all bad, because they are all bad. It would still be helpful for you to try to determine which one you find the most offensive though. It may be good include an all of the above option in the future.

    Mary you are right about Jerome Moon. He bullies me (Tona Monroe) nearly every month, because he doesn’t like what I am saying. If you want to refute what someone says you wait your turn. He doesn’t. He talks while I am talking and frequently interrupts me.

    Jamie Daly and Karen Miller have been put on the Education Committee because it is titular. Jamie also serves on the Beer Board but the commission had to accept volunteers for it because so few wanted to do it. These 2 ladies have been shut out of committees making meaningful policy reform.

  4. Linda King
    I wish I could say something nice about the Commission, other than that we have a few good people looking out for our interests. Everything this Commission does, headed by Moon, is planned in secrecy. All of the above have been handled in sneaky, underhanded, corrupt ways.

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