SC Setup

by Horatio Bunce

Can you see the game by the conservative “news” yet? Can you see the promotion of Single Digit Jeb and the intentional crash of Trump?

Since the next primary is in the South, the American Military and your sense of patriotism are being used to sway the primary away from Trump to George W. Bush…..uh I mean Single Digit Jeb. The latest issue now being used is whether or not George W. Bush “kept us safe” in the only attack on our mainland in our lifetimes, whether Bush and CFR Cheney lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify an unprovoked invasion there (they did by the way) and whether Donald Trump “insulted a war hero” John McCain. The “news” trots out injured servicemen from our many undeclared “wars” to appeal to your sympathy in hopes you will abandon Trump and vote for Single Digit Jeb because…..uh…we support the troops…or something. It will work. Look for Single Digit Jeb to advance because “it’s patriotic”.

Using McCain “the war hero” storyline yet again is not only sickening but an insult to your intelligence. He and the GOP use that vietnam prisoner of war bit every time he needs some leverage, but he is a traitor to those men who were captured there and remain. Do you remember the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs in 1991? John McCain declined the vice-chair position to investigate the status of the POWs and the information the US government is still today hiding regarding them. Allegedly, he only wanted to be chair to control the hearings, but did end up participating. If you were a loyal Rush Limbaugh listener back then you would mostly remember him making fun of Vietnam veteran Al Gore declining to sit on this committee and making light of Al’s role as a reporter.

It was John McCain who lobbied against making it a crime by anyone to withhold information on the Vietnam POWs that were abandoned there by the US government. It was McCain who blocked releasing classified information in possession of our government on these abandoned men and holding the bureaucrats accountable for not helping them. He has something to hide about Vietnam. I don’t know what it is, but it is more important to him than finding the abandoned men left behind in Vietnam. You should watch the documentary by Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain. There are some excerpts from this documentary on their youtube channel. McCain does not care a whit for these men and every time this “i was a war hero” angle is used on you by Single Digit Jeb’s campaign or the “news”, you should remember McCain still fights to hide what really happened. Go back and look at the link to the Committee report linked above. Just read the top of the first page, the Dedication to POWs. Note the date, January 1993. Do you remember Admiral James Stockdale? Ross Perot? The last time ever there was a true independent candidate on the teevee in 1992? See the appeal to the “outsiders” and the disaffected public when there is zero substance to come behind it?

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