Mindboard Inc. IT lawsuit

Anyone can make allegations.  That doesn’t make them true.  However, the taxpaying citizens of Blount County deserve to know whether any of these allegations are true before one penny of their tax money is spent with Mindboard Inc.

Mindboard Lawsuit

Mindboard Inc. Notice of Removal

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  1. Subject: article in today’s paper re: BC IT blues

    Todays Maryville / Alcoa Daily Times article implies that the IT consultant services procurement is basically a Temp Contractor (albeit highly paid temps) to do what ever they do when called upon, eg, make coffee, take out the trash, tender a glowing report recommending the latest toys for the county to avoid disaster and calamity to “keep us safe”, etc.

    Before I would task the $130/hr guy to do anything, I would want to see a list of trade journal articles or books he/she had published on the subject, see a stack of linkedin references, stuff like that.

    • My suggestion, if you want to try to find out, is to call the Purchasing Agent, Katie Branham at 273-5740 or email her at kbranham@blounttn.org. The only thing that I was told was that the interviews would be open to the public but I was never told when and where the interviews would take place. I found out after the fact that the date and location was advertised in the newspaper. It is ridiculous that a member of the IT Committee, which I serve on, would have to read the paper to know when the interviews took place.

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