Will the Republican Party of Blount County release its bylaws before picking the County Clerk and Highway Superintendent?

The Republican Party of Blount County, Tennessee hasn’t exactly been known for transparency or fairness.  Several Republicans were denied entrance to a meeting in 2013.  The Party left Commissioner Jim Folts off its website.  When I was asked to speak to the Republican Party about why I thought Ron Paul was the best choice for President in 2012, then Chairman Susan Mills wouldn’t let me speak even though I had been an approved delegate candidate for Ron Paul, twice (2008 and 2012).  When Gerald Kirby lost his primary commission race to Jamie Daly, the party big whigs went to work for Kirby’s write-in campaign, even though party leadership is suppose to support Republican candidates.

Now the Republican Party Executive Committee will get to pick the Republican candidates for Blount County Clerk and Blount County Highway Superintendent.  The selection meeting will be a spectator sport.  You and I will be able to watch but we will not be able to participate.

The August general election for these two offices could be a Soviet style election.  If the Democratic Party doesn’t nominate candidates and no independents run, then the people of Blount County will get to go vote the R party or not the R party.  Actually it will be worse than that because you won’t even get to vote NO on the candidate.

Unless someone runs as a write-in, any write-in votes will not count.  Even if an independent or Democrat runs, barring some major scandal, the Republicans will win.  There are no independents or Democrats in elected office in Blount County, excluding the nonpartisan School Board.

With this kind of power, the Republican Party should release its bylaws.  I asked the Blount County Republican Party Chair, Patsy Lundy, for a copy of the bylaws.  She said the bylaws were being revised.  That’s the same excuse that has been used to deny releasing the bylaws for years.  The Tennessee Republican Party said it is checking with the County Party to see if the bylaws that it has are current.

I asked Lundy for a copy of the current bylaws.  She said she would check with some people (apparently the Chair has to get permission from her bosses) to see if she could release the bylaws to me.

The bylaws for the Blount County Democratic Party are available on the Tennessee Democratic Party’s website.  The Blount County Libertarian Party uses the bylaws of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee.  Both are available online for review, although the bylaws posted for the State Libertarian Party are over 4 years old.

People are talking about the Republican establishment coming unhinged because more voters are backing Trump than Rubio.  People would do well to pay attention to what the local GOP is doing.  Since it is likely that the Republican Party Executive Committee is going to pick 2 of our local office holders the least the Executive Committee can do is release its bylaws.

8 thoughts on “Will the Republican Party of Blount County release its bylaws before picking the County Clerk and Highway Superintendent?

  1. Why not join the Blount County Executive Committee as a member then not only can you have a voice in the party affairs but also vote on the two vacancies?

    • Hi Tax Payer,
      The Executive Committee isn’t accepting new members right now. There were some who tried to find out how to join a couple of years back but didn’t get responses from Party leadership.

  2. The local Republican Party had an ad in the Daily Times a couple months ago seeking new members. They were taking applicants and welcoming new members. You need an application signed by a current Executive member recommending you for membership and verifying that you are indeed a Republican. The membership committee probably will check your voting record before accepting you as a member.

    • There are plenty of us who don’t get the paper. Even those who get the paper often don’t pay attention to the notices every day. Newspapers are an old way of doing business. Running ads in newspapers made sense when that was the only way to get information. There are much quicker ways to communicate now.

      The Blount County Republican Party could update its website with current information so that people will know what the Party is doing. The website still has candidates from 2014 and hasn’t updated the office holders since the 2014 elections.

      Furthermore, the leaders of the local Republican Party could improve public relations by responding to questions from voters about participating in the Party. The state Party isn’t much better at responding.

  3. Which Republican Party? The Establishment Republican Party (Cruzers) or the democratically majority Popular Vote Republican Party (Trumpeteers)? They ain’t the same thing anymore.

  4. It’s really nice to know that one of the Highway Superintendent candidates is responsible for the flooding across Morganton Rd every time it rains, because he (or his contractee) was too cheap to move some utilities which flattened a drainage ditch on the side of the road. My guess is, he’ll win.

    • Libruhl I was beginning to think you’d fallen off the face of the earth. It’s good to know that you are still breathing.

      “My guess is, he’ll win.” He is sending packets of information to the members of the Executive Committee, even though a member of the Executive Committee could not get a membership roster after requesting it.

      • I ain’t fallen off the face of the Earth, yet. Hope all is going well with the most Libertarian hillbilliette & hillbilly Blount County’s ever seen.

        Looks like Brian Downey’s the only one filing a petition to run for Dunlap’s job, acc to BCEC’s web-site. I will miss Dr. Dunlap’s willingness to speak the truth to the asphalt worshippers around here. He will surely be missed by me and my household of hillbillies.

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