Can’t wait to see how Senator Doug Overbey votes on this one

Apparently several of the Tennessee House Democrats don’t think any international authority should infringe on the gun rights of Tennesseans.  The Tennessee House voted 88-2 to pass legislation sponsored by a Democrat that will prohibit state and local government employees from enforcing international laws and treaties that restrict gun rights protected by the Constitution of Tennessee.   It will be interesting to see how Republican Senator Doug Overbey votes on this one, since he infringes on the gun rights of law abiding Tennessee citizens.

2 thoughts on “Can’t wait to see how Senator Doug Overbey votes on this one

  1. I am sure they can trot out some revision of their Common Core Whore excuse, like the international laws would be “internationally benchmarked” and necessary for us “to compete in the global marketplace” or maybe employ their usual tactic of having the attorney-selected attorney general offer an “opinion” that refusing to obey some unelected foreign dictate is somehow “unconstitutional”.

    Overbey and judge-selector Kelsey both worked against Joe Carr’s bill which did essentially the same thing for unconstitutional overreach by the US federal government.

    They argued Carr was fighting “a problem that didn’t exist”. Meanwhile Obama had issued 23 executive orders (bypassing Congress) related to further infringing on the 2nd Amendment. Veterans that used VA health care services were arbitrarily declared unfit to own guns and in some case had their homes invaded by feds to steal their weapons. No criminal charges, no trial, no burden of proof, no due process (Those are lawyer-things that real-smart lawyer types should notice didn’t take place).

    Kelsey’s illegally-selected judges appointed Bob Cooper, who issued an “opinion” that Carr’s legislation was unconstitutional. Think about that. We are reduced to trying to pass a state law to declare unconstitutional overreach by the federal government as a crime (which it already is) and the illegally selected-appointed class (because Kelsey’s Vote-Yes-On 2 hasn’t happened yet) decides what is “unconstitutional”.

    • If the truth had been told on Amendment 2, it wouldn’t have passed. People voted on it without reading the state constitution. The government, including taxpayer funded schools, sure didn’t encourage the people to read it.

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