Commission Chairman Jerome Moon spoke to commissioner about being sued over jail ahead of vote

Mayor Ed Mitchell called a commission meeting to approve authorizing the Purchasing Agent to solicit a request for qualifications (RFQ) to expand the jail and/or programs.  During public input, Marilyn Willocks said that she had heard that Blount County Commission Chairman Jerome Moon had been telling commissioners that they could be sued if they didn’t vote to authorize the RFQ.  Moon interrupted the speaker, saying “I have not told” and then stops speaking.  Ms. Willocks continues on saying, “Well this is what I hear out in the public.”  Moon didn’t say anything further on the matter during the meeting.  What is it that he did not tell?

After the meeting, Mary Cook asked Jerome Moon why he had told her son-in-law, commissioner Tom Cole, that he would be sued if he didn’t vote for the RFQ.  This sort of intimidation tactic seems to works on people who have no desire to find or listen to solutions, like commissioner Mike Caylor.

Moon’s tactic sounds more like a threat than the truth.  It was Tennessee Corrections Institute bureaucrats bully Bob Bass and William R. Kane, who continues to make false statements in the “note” section of his inspection reports, who read the Blount County Corrections Partnership (BCCP) the riot act, not federal officials.  Although, the US Marshal’s Service should be taking notice because they are willfully housing inmates in the Blount County Adult Detention Facility.

The commission voted 12-6 for the RFQ.  This is to be expected when Rick Carver is allowed to act as a dictator prohibiting a commissioner from adding something to the BCCP agenda that would actually reduce overcrowding in the jail.  Ms. Willocks said commissioners plural.  Did Jerome Moon talk to other commissioners before the vote?  What are Rick Carver and Jerome Moon so afraid of that they do their dirty deeds in secret?

5 thoughts on “Commission Chairman Jerome Moon spoke to commissioner about being sued over jail ahead of vote

  1. So Commissioner Moon’s exchange with a citizen contains childish remarks such as “whatever”. If the daily times had any gumption they would cover these meetings and let the public know how immature some of these elected people are.

    • I really agree with this however, don’t a lot of the commissioner’s businesses pay for advertising in the Daily Times?

  2. A Lawful shakedown would be a good event if such were to happen. May there be remedy someday soon for those who wrong our People every month !

    Thanks for all you do, and may you and your’s be well !

  3. I was not able to make the meeting when Jeff Headrick was appointed interim Head Supt. of the Highway Dept. I have sent an email to each of the commissioners who voted for him. Jeff Headrick was my commissioner and I wrote several emails to him and I have to this date never received a reply. I email Richard Carver also, and I have never received a reply. I only email Richard Carver because one time I called him and he was a bully on the phone. He also called me on a phone that was not his own. It was a phone of a doctor who happened to be on my phone contact list.
    The main point I am trying to make is this, if Jeff Headrick does not respond to his constituents or in other words, do his job. What makes the commissioners think he will do such a great job as Head Supt. of Highway???

  4. I predicted months ago that “the machine” would appoint Headrick as interim and they will push with all illegal and other means to get him elected. Matter of fact, I predicted months before Dunlap announced to retire that Headrick would get the job. He definitely is not the best qualified, but “the good old boys” knew that they would install him long ago. The only reason he will look somewhat good is there are good people working in the Highway Department and will cover his rear. He is a cousin by marriage to Berrong, any need to say more?

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