2 thoughts on “Vote for Scott Williams for State Senator on August 4th

  1. Is Scott P Williams a Republickican, Democrat, or Pragmatist? I’m sick of the Ying/Yang “establishment” parties. Once President Trump is inaugurated, I will, without pause, post as many “Trump’s coming to take all your guns” BS rhetoric, that the 1/2 black president endured; but if Donald backs out on his TARIFF rhetoric (last USA Tariff increase ~1865), I’ll preach impeachment, til’ kingdom comes!

    If every elected political officials’ goal is NOT getting American made goods, made in American factories, by American workers; and getting every (absolutely EVERY) Wall Street & Banker Whore behind bars, serving real Jail tyme; then I, as well as at least 1/3 or greater of America’s population will seek immediate impeachment-of all.

    My $0.02

    • The local Republickicans are doing what they can to continue funding the IDB/Blount Partnership debacle to keep bringing in jobs that keep pay below the rate of inflation. Commissioner Karen Miller made a motion, which I seconded, to cut the IDB budget to $1 and give the $1M+ budget to the Highway Department to fix our roads that are falling apart. I wasn’t thrilled about giving Jeff Headrick more money but I’d rather see the potholes and crumbling roads fixed than tax money given to special interest that rub elbows with the local clique. Looks like another million will go down the tubes for press conferences to give the farm away and celebrate an economy where pay doesn’t keep up with inflation.

      Scott Williams recognizes what a farce the Blount Partnership is.

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