Comment on inmate labor in animal shelter and jail and media coverage

Emails and phone calls have been rolling in regarding the jail and possible bias in media coverage of the jail.  This comment was received today, in response to the article in the paper about the Animal Center requesting a budget increase.  People are questioning why it appears that only the state felons were doing the inmate labor.

“That is soooo typical.

It was only the state felons who fed and walked dogs and cleaned kennels who got pulled. And there are no others left in the jail who can do this!

It will end up with a “series” of articles on the awful impact of having fewer inmates in the jail.

So crime and an overcrowded jail are the keys to Blount’s budget?

You depend on crime and state felons to fund your budget and provide labor.

Your 400 “other” inmates can’t/won’t pick up the slack?

The animal shelter can’t find any other inmates in a 400-person facility to clean kennels and walk and feed dogs?”

Note: Comments/statements should not be viewed as total statement of facts.  This includes statements from government officials, that the media parrots and likes to sensationalize.  However, comments from the community do reflect the views and questions of the community.

9 thoughts on “Comment on inmate labor in animal shelter and jail and media coverage

  1. With less inmates there should be less demand for jailors and other jail employees. Lay off the excess people and use this money to hire people to do the jobs these inmates were doing.

  2. It maybe dumb to you since this would be cutting into your family’s political kingdom. You are not the smartest person to every walk on two feet. With less inmates there should be less demand for jail employees.

    • Ms. Thomas,
      Several elderly people type with the caps lock button on. You talk about Mrs. Lambert needing to be resonable and then you pick at her because of the way she types. What would be reasonable would be to stick to the topic being discussed.

  3. It is good to see you two ladies being nice to each other. That is the way it should be. Sometimes in the heat of a discussion things are said that should not have been spoken.

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