The series of articles has begun

Yesterday I posted a comment that I received that the typical response from government related to a reduction in inmates in the jail is to allege how harmful this will be to Blount County’s budget and how the media will be right there with these government officials publishing a series of articles.  Predictably there is another article today and we are seeing the situation described in the comment come to fruition.

A TV station also did a story.  The story didn’t include any of the actual figures and solutions that I provided to the TV station.

Mark Twain is credited with saying “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”  This same is true for other news sources.

I gave several figures and solutions to resolve the issues related to state inmates being removed from the local jail but the TV station didn’t publish that and instead published the two sentences that sounded the most sensational.  Americans have grow distrustful of media.  I can see why.

This is another comment and view of the media coverage of the jail situation that was sent to me last week.  “All that sheriff does is talk about you in the articles. He doesn’t address the topic at hand, he just passively says he’s doing his job and then goes on a tirade about you.  That writer Joel in all these articles needs to go back to journalism school and learn how to focus his writing on the topics at hand.  He’s just spewing gossip at this point, with very little substance in his pieces.  He’s not writing for the national enquirer about celebrities here, but that seems to be his writing style.  Journalists are now held in similar regards/disdain as lawyers in this country.”

I recommend the book Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkinson.  Attkinson, a reporter, talks about obstruction, intimidation and harassment tactics from the federal government and the media’s willingness to go along to get along and repeated failures to accurately cover the news.  The situation is similar in Blount County.

8 thoughts on “The series of articles has begun


    • Peggy Lambert. Tona is one of the few commissiners that look out for her constitutents.
      She is not there for power like 75% are there. I appreciate
      the fact that Tona takes her position seriously and studies the agenda
      to provide the best information for the people of Blount Co.

      Shame on you!! Ms. Lambert for now having the knowledge needed when you served very sparingly as you misssed many meetings that you were paid for not being there. Leave the good people on the commission alone.
      Tona does not cause any problems she brings the problems to life for the voters…..

  2. I am not going to shout at you like Ms. Lambert, because to me, BOTH of you are part of the problem. One takes the position that anything the Sheriff does is wrong or for his personal gain and the other would let the Sheriff spend anything and everything he wants to. Why can’t we just be reasonable?

    You also criticize the salary the Sheriff makes, but I will tell you this. He answers to all of us and with what is going on in this world, I can’t think of no one else I would rather have in charge of my community’s safety.

    • Ms. Thomas,
      I don’t like the salaries of many officials, not just the sheriff. You may remember commenting when I discussed how much Mr. Britt makes.

      You make blanket statements such, as “One takes the position that anything the Sheriff does is wrong or for his personal gain and the other would let the Sheriff spend anything and everything he wants to.” The part referencing me is flatly wrong. Mrs. Lambert can speak for herself regarding the other part.

      It is reasonable to compare what our elected officials make in comparsion to the citizens paying their salaries and to the state mandated minimums.

      • Mr. Britt is an at-will contract employee of the Board of Education. He is not an elected official with a salary set or constrained by state legislation. Your liking or not liking is irrelevant.

        It takes hard work, education, preparation and continued dedication to ascend to higher levels of compensation in any vocation. Perhaps your opposition reflects jealousy.

        Perhaps you are jealous because your earning ability is substantially less. Perhaps that is because you haven’t pursued an advanced education or a vocation with advantageous salary opportunities.

        Maybe you should run for Mayor and agree to work for no salary if elected?

        Maybe you should go to college and seek an advanced degree to increase your earning potential.

        Maybe all my assumptions are all wrong. Maybe you are just jealous and covet what others have.

        • “Your liking or not liking is irrelevant.”

          Ah yes, the old reliable ‘Just shut up and pay your taxes’. Give us your money, but not your say. We are used to hearing that from the department of education as they siphon off over half of all state tax revenue and threaten us all with tax liens on our property if we don’t continue to fund their “free” schools.

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