AMI and other special incentives deals

With questions of uncertainty arising around the relocation of Advanced Munitions International (AMI) to Alcoa, some are inquiring about the deal given to them.  The incentives agreement was made available on this website last year, thanks to Sam Duck who requested the information after I was blocked by Bryan Daniels of the Blount Partnership/Chamber of Commerce/Industrial Development Board/Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority for sending a few emails asking question.

Additionally, reading about the City of Alcoa working a development deal that has been in the making for 17+ years, should cause us all to stop and ask why government is making these special deals.  If the market isn’t willing to develop a property that should a sign to government officials that they probably shouldn’t be doing it either.  But never fear, big government is here to do something the market won’t do.

17+ years of not being able to achieve something shouldn’t result in the government concocting a convoluted, corporate welfare deal.  It’s time to stop these crony deals.  There should be no special land deals, no grants to businesses and no special tax deals.  Property taxes should be even across the board.  Businesses should compete based on the value of products and services they provide, not their ability to obtain special deals from the government.

2 thoughts on “AMI and other special incentives deals

  1. Absolutely pitiful, to paraphrase the article, “We’ll be developing the old West Plant Property, outside of the 90+ acres of FEMA superfund site; just as soon as we can convince the cash strapped state gov’t to build us an Interstate connection!”

    Ya just can’t fix stupid. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure that the state Hwy Dept won’t be jumping on “that” project right away; since they’re pulling their hair out, trying to figure how to pay for maintaining the roads we’ve already got.

    To be fair, with Johnson leaving the state, it does make sense that he be quoted in the local rag; touting all of his accomplishments.

    • The local rag has been promoting and parroting crony development propaganda for a long time.

      Isn’t it lovely that AMI will only pay a percentage for the farm if they don’t invest $200M by 2020?

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