4 thoughts on “Blount part of five-county growth plan

  1. Soooo, does this mean that in addition to planning for the land, air, water, and transportation our city and county planners are now going to plan our health programs too?

  2. BC Radical, good question. It wouldn’t surprise me if city and county planners began tinkering with health planning. The disclosure of so much information is alarming, showing that the government keeps a lot more information than we may realize.

  3. My question is “How do they know what per cent of the children in each age group are obese?”
    Are they data mining from doctors’ records or school records or some other?

    I guess that the rural pops etc could come from the census, but weight? and how accurate is it? and what is the purpose if the plan is not to determine how many calories each person can consume each day…

    Everyone should be concerned about that, but I bet the majority of people did not even notice

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