Give the gift of American history for Christmas

With the renewed sense of nationalism and the call to put America first, here’s a great Christmas idea.  If you’re tired of giving made in China widgets or the same stuff you always give, check out Liberty Classroom.  Plus you don’t have to fight the rush with long lines and heavy traffic.

Tom Woods is a brilliant author and historian.  He is one of several libertarian historians that has challenged me to not accept what I was taught to be true but to think deeper and learn what is actually true.

There’s a lot more to history than President George Washington couldn’t tell a lie and Abraham Lincoln saved the union.  You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn and how much of what you thought was true is actually vastly different.

Disclosure: This is a plug to earn a few Federal Reserve Notes, commonly known as dollars.

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2 thoughts on “Give the gift of American history for Christmas

  1. Not all American History was pleasant, although the majority of our nation’s deeds have been heroic and ethical; which far outweighs the negative.

    From Red Bird Carpenter Moytoy II’s chronicling John Sevier’s maniacal taste for Cherokee blood, the false flag contrived Kirk family massacre, to the rarely taught Filipino Insurrection; we tend to (as do most modern nations) paint over the ugly parts of the past.

    • Yes we as a nation have been willing to learn from some of our mistakes, even if progress comes at a snails pace. Two areas that we need to get the lead out and move forward on are abandoning an interventionist foreign policy and reforming our criminal justice system.

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