Letter to the editor by animal shelter employee Kristin Baksa is wrong

Kristin Baksa, an employee of the Blount County Animal Shelter, wrote a letter to the editor about Commissioners Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and myself (Tona Monroe).  In it she says that we three ladies consistently refuse to support the animal shelter.  She gives the example of us three voting against the purchase of a commercial washer and dryer.  She’s wrong.

In the minutes of the December 18, 2014 Blount County Commission meeting (see page 3) you will find that Miller and I voted for the purchase of a commercial washer and dryer for the animal shelter.  Commissioner Daly did vote no.

You’ll also see in those minutes, that I made a motion to use donation money to pay for a bigger portion of the washer and dryer than was proposed.  The motion was rejected by the commission.

The animal shelter is sitting on $92,261.40 in donation money, yet it came to the commission for a budget increase to add more staff.  See account 101-0-346300-0.

The animal shelter did not use $21,199.34 of the money appropriated last year.  It could have held the line this year and used a small portion of the donation money to fund the difference of the $33,054 increase that it requested for 2 part time employees.  Instead it asked for more of your money.

Now for a happy story.  Meet Pepper.

Jamie and Pepper

Jamie and Pepper

My husband Troy found Pepper wondering along the side of a road with no collar or identifying information.  She was skinny and a bit timid at first but her timidity has passed and she now has a wonderful new home.

Jamie decided to adopt Pepper since her dog had recently passed on.  Everyone loves Pepper including Jamie’s husband Bill and the grand kids.  Pepper is being spayed today.


Pepper playing with cheetah

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