Ho Ho Ho and No No No: Learning to use the NO button

Each year Gary Farmer reads a resolution welcoming Santa Claus and his 8 reindeer through Blount County.  The tradition was started by the late Richard Williams, a former Blount County Commissioner.  You can hear Commissioner Farmer read the resolution in the video below.

In January the commission will start using a new voting system.  We had a practice session on the new system last week.  Thus in the spirit of Ho Ho Ho, I decided to make it easy for the commissioners to practice some No No No.  For Christmas, I gave each of the commissioners their very own NO! button to take home so that they can practice voting NO in the coming new year.  You can listen to my presentation after Farmer finishes declaring that Blount County welcomes a visitor from the North Pole.

2 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho and No No No: Learning to use the NO button

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