Remember that time when the President….

by Horatio Bunce

…said Americans were rightly disturbed about the large number of illegal aliens entering our country and we were going to ratchet up border security, cut back on illegal immigrants stealing jobs from citizens and legal immigrants, consuming social services they didn’t pay for, deporting twice as many criminal illegals, barring welfare services from illegals, etc. and then the “bi-partisan” Congress and Fake News Media went all bonkers?

Yeah, me neither.

One thought on “Remember that time when the President….

  1. Immigration is a problem, I’ve bartered w/ me right wing friends, and I’m all for an American made, American supplied 1,000 mile long wall!

    Just give me my 35% Tariff, right now! That’s the best way to fix what ails us. It don’t take a scientist to realize why the whole world borrows money from China. They have all of the factories! Those with all the factories, have all the money.

    Enough with the banging of pots and pans, give me my 35% TARIFF now!

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