Roads Paving List

At the February Commission meeting, I requested a list of roads that will be paved.  This is what I received today.

Rhonda, Please send this information out today to all of the county commissioners.  Thanks, JH

We intend to pave the following roads as soon as the asphalt plants begin making hot mix asphalt.

Martin Valley Rd
Boring Rd
Bales Hollow Rd
Frog Pond Rd
Ellejoy Rd at the county line
Six Mile Cemetery Rd
Elmer Lambert Rd

The roads listed above will be paved with funds from this FY year’s budget (including the amount transferred in February commission meeting.)
FY 2017-18 Projected Paving Schedule
State Aid Roads:
Laws Chapel Rd
Hinkle Rd
Tuckaleechee Pike

County Paving:
Big Springs Rd – strip pave roughest sections
Carpenter’s Campground Rd
Selfhollow Rd
Webb Rd
E Miller’s Cove Rd
Keener Rd
Butterfly Gap Loop Rd
Happy Vallery Loop Rd
Bell Branch Rd
Abram Creek Rd
Paul Boone Rd
Peppermint Rd – strip pave roughest sections
Green Rd
Morganton Rd
I C King Rd
Clover Hill Mill Rd

While this is not a full list of every road in the county that is in need of attention, it is our best effort to correct the worst problem areas.

Also, this is a very ambitious list for one paving season and we commit to do everything possible to finish these roads within the next FY as long as the weather cooperates.

We are currently creating a five year planning calendar where paving is concerned, but do not have that ready at this time.

Jeff Headrick
Blount County
Highway Department Superintendent
1227 McArthur Drive
Maryville, TN 37804

5 thoughts on “Roads Paving List

  1. $100,000 per mile (by 2 lanes wide by 2 inches deep)! Thank goodness we ain’t got other, more pressing educational financial responsibilities to tend to, rather than propping up the ‘asphalt crowd’!

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  3. Brook Ave. off Howard Jones is awful. Worse than some of the roads on the list. Just saying. Thanks for all you do!

  4. wanting to know if Happy Valley will be paved soon. Looks like all the culverts are in which makes the road even worse! its like an optsticle course trying to dodge all the pot holes dips and poor patch jobs. Not to mention the stress on our vehicles alignment and suspension!

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