Guest column: Bills smack of cronyism

This legislation has passed the Tennessee Senate.  However, it was amended to something that could be worse.  The amendment appears to make any contract or agreement secret until a vote by the local legislative body.  This goes far beyond secret, crony development “deals.”  It remains to be seen what happens in the state House.  This is a bureaucrats dream come true but making all this secret could be dangerous to the taxpaying citizens.

2 thoughts on “Guest column: Bills smack of cronyism

  1. Bad things are happening everyday. It is so hard for the average citizen to keep up with all the deception. Thank you Tona

  2. Raising gasoline tax, to reduce food prices (20% reduction in food taxes) is the telephone robot mantra. This is stupid, but the sheeple will fall for it.

    They always fall for taxes being used for altruistic acts of compassion, like feeding the hungry, healing the sick, educating the young, protecting malcontents, weirdos, and lawbreakers, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, etc.

    Those altruistic acts for the benefits of classes, categories, subsets, cults, or those in “a spot of bother” are righteous, by most standards. But, they are not constitutionally mandated, or enumerated.

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