The purpose of this website ‘blog’ is to provide a public record, much of which is not being covered by local media, of the Blount County Commission and local county government.  If you are tired of reading the newspaper or watching a brief clip on tv and wondering what the rest of the story is then look no further than Blount County (BC) Public Record for more thorough coverage on the issues that local media fails to thoroughly examine. Some state and federal issues will also be covered.

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Reporters and Commentators

Those contributing to this media website attend Blount County, Tennessee Commission Meetings and/or are actively involved in the community.  The views expressed by these individuals, do not necessarily reflect the views of all contributing to this ‘blog’ website, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of various organizations the authors are affiliated with.

Authors: Tona Monroe as restorefreedom, Jay Polk as FBastiat and Eric Holcombe as Horatio Bunce
Not everything on this site is written by Tona.

Tona Monroe is actively involved in state and local politics, with a keen desire for restoring privacy and our right to travel.  She works to keep the community informed through Blount County (BC) Public Record an independent local news site that she founded.  She has written for News with Views. and has served in a wide variety of liberty activist roles.

In 2014, Tona took her activism to a new level by running for the Blount County Commission.  She won and took her oath of on September 2, 2014.  She is currently serving as a Blount County Commissioner in District 7.  The district includes Friendsville, Big Springs, Lanier, Carpenters and Happy Valley.  She is the only commissioner to write and publish a monthly Commission Report informing the community about their local government.

She firmly believes that government that governs least governs best, and works diligently to expose the police state and encourages peaceful resistance to its expansion.

She can be reached by email here.

JayPolk_photoJay Polk Bio: First and foremost I am a believer in, and follower of, Jesus Christ. Only through him can we achieve eternal salvation. Next on my list is a husband to my wife of 16 years and father to my beautiful 3-year-old daughter. I have been watching politics for a while, but never thought I could make an actual difference. After attending a few Blount County Commission meetings, I realized that our situation was worse than I first thought and, like it or not, I had to do something.

Since the Republican and Democratic parties had proven themselves ineffective at restoring Constitutional values in government, I joined the Libertarian Party. I am now Chair of the Blount County Libertarian Party and have been since 2008. It can sometimes be an uphill battle educating people about libertarianism and convincing them to vote libertarian. But I’ve said before that, if nothing else, I can sincerely tell my children that I did all I could to prevent the suppression of our rights by the Republican and Democratic parties. Click here for more (I made this video when I was Chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee).

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