Blount County Government Payrolls
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Evergreen Study Draft, Evergreen Solutions Final Report
Further payrolls are below, with commentary.

Note from the Finance Director on the 2015 payroll:


The report does not have a date range on it, but is for calendar year 2015. There will be variances from prior years since we converted to a bi-weekly pay period and holding employees one week in arrears.


Note from the Finance Director on the 2016 payroll:


Attached is an earnings report for 2016 in response to your request for a 2016 Payroll report.
A few items of explanation are warranted while reviewing this report.

The report is generated from our Kronos system and not from the AS400 as previous reports originated.

  • This represents the amounts of all types of compensation for each person who received compensation from the County during calendar 2016.
  • It is organized by employee number which is how the system is designed.
  • The way the calendar falls there were 27 pay periods during calendar 2016 rather than the normal 26 since our last pay date fell on December 30.
  • Also all elected officials are paid current rather than held in arrears a week since their salaries are tied to a fiscal year in accordance with state law.
  • Elected official compensation will not equal what is in the current year budget since this report comprises 6 months from two different budgets.

If you have further questions let me know.


Note from HR Director on 2016 Salary Schedule:

Commissioner Monroe,

Attached is the Salary List report as of 12/31/2016.  This report provides the job title, pay rate and annual salaries for everyone in the County, including schools.  If you have any questions regarding the pay information on a school employee, please contact the HR or Payroll departments at Central Office.  They can be reached at 984-1212. 

The report contains information for active employees, terminated employees and employees who were on leave of absence as of 12/31/2016.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
Jenny Morgan
Human Resources Director
Blount County Government

Note from Finance Director on 2017 Earnings Report:


The past commentary still applies to this 2017 report.
Since your request is for calendar year compensation, there will be differences as you note. Elected Official compensation is based upon fiscal years under state law. Since the County Clerk assumed office on Sept. 1 there would be 10 months remaining in the fiscal year and thus that salary is prorated. The sum of the former County Clerk and the current County Clerk  would be the same as the Trustee (See below).

Margaret Flynn was paid $13,800.16 for Fiscal Year 2017
Gaye Hasty was paid $69,000.84 for Fiscal Year 2017
Scott Graves was paid $82,801.00 for Fiscal Year 2017
These do not include any employee reimbursements during the year.


On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 3:00 PM wrote:
Dear Mr. Vineyard,

In years past you’ve provided commentary to clarify the numbers provided in the payroll.  Do you have anything to say about this 2017 earnings report?  The reason that I ask is that I see that Gaye Hasty received more than Scott Graves.  Both of these office holders should be receiving the same state mandated compensation.

Are the figures provided the wages/salaries or do these amounts also include reimbursements for expenses?


Note from Payroll Manager on 2017 Earnings Report

“Commissioner Monroe,

Per our conversation, here is a brief explanation for the differences in 2017 compensation for Gaye and Scott.

You see a difference in compensation for these elected officials because the salary report was requested and run by calendar year. CTAS issues salary schedules by fiscal year, so it’s best to look at annual salaries using that same calendar to get the most accurate picture for salary comparison.

Gaye began work as the County Clerk on 9/1/2016. To figure her compensation, the total annual salary was prorated to pay her for 10 months. This prorated salary was divided by the number of pay periods left in the fiscal year, which resulted in a bi-weekly salary different than that of the other elected officials (on the same CTAS salary schedule). The sum of Margaret Flynn’s (Interim County Clerk) and Gaye’s pay in the 16-17 FY, is identical to Scott’s pay for the same period. Attached is a worksheet where you can see this salary comparison outlined both by fiscal year and calendar year.

Also, I did confirm that the salary report does, in fact, include vehicle and other taxable fringe benefits from 2017.

Please let me know if you have questions or would like additional information.

Jaclyn Johnson
Payroll Manager
Blount County Government”

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