Conflicts of Interest

Blount County Commission September 2006 through August 2010
Commissioner Mike Lewis was the subject of a Tennessee Attorney General opinion because of his employment with a bank used by the county.

Blount County Commission September 2010 through August 2014
Here’s an oldie but goodie letter to the editor about conflicts of interest on the commission that served from September 2010 through August 2014.  Wasteful spending is no laughing matter.  The letter had an eye-opening effect that resulted in another letter to the editor.

Blount County Commission September 2014 through August 2018
Things did not change much with the next commission serving September 2014 through August 2018.  Listen to Blount County Commissioners read conflict of interest statements at the June 2015 meeting.  Commissioner Tom Cole had a conflict of interest but did not read a conflict of interest statement.  His wife worked for Blount County Schools.  Commissioner Rick Carver was employed by East Tennessee Medical Group, which is owned by Blount Memorial Hospital.  Carver did not disclose his employment when he voted to approve members to the hospital board or when voting on hospital debt.