Pay Raises for Judges

Senator Stacey Campfield seems to be the only one with any sense on the matter.  Judges are already overpaid.  They could go without pay raises for the next 10 years and still live much easier lives that most people.  If Judges have any integrity, they will refuses the raises to give the over taxed working people a break.  Let’s see if there’s even one among them willing to stop draining the taxpayers.

I must sell newspapers

Of all the candidates who’s picture could be featured, guess who’s picture wound up on the website? ;-)

As for the cost centers, I’ve been telling people that important information when I go door to door.  The reason I didn’t go into details is respect for the time of the people in the audience.  However, I am happy to go into the details of the budget with anyone interested.

Let freedom ring!

More media coverage on the Blount County Chainsaw Massacre

“I painted some signs, just simple hand-painted, nothing fancy, that said ‘Greene wheel tax you,’ and painted a tire on there just to remind the voters of my district that Greene supported the wheel tax,” Monroe said.

Greene was one of 13 commissioners who voted to hold a special election in June 2013 on whether to levy a $35 wheel tax on automobiles to help plug a shortfall in the county schools’ budget. It failed 8,885 to 4,087.

“It went over 3-1 against in the 7th District,” Monroe said. “In Friendsville in particular — 82 percent of voters voted against it. I thought that would be a very good campaign issue to focus on because he seems to be very much out of touch with what the citizens of the 7th District want, which is a strong fiscal conservative. He’s not been that. I will be a strong fiscal conservative who will focus on cutting waste rather than their family budgets.”

Media Coverage on Blount County Chainsaw Massacre

April 2014 Begins the enforcement of the Real ID Act 2005 Constitutional Alliance – This is no April Fools Joke

Biometric identification for nearly all citizens is here.  I tried to stop this for years, but failed.

From Mark at the Constitutional Alliance:

To all:

This month is the first month in the enforcing of the Real ID Act 2005.
The Constitutional Alliance has published a new article today explaining the enforcement as it will play out this year and subsequent years.  You can read the article by visiting 
If you did not take the time to read the previous article “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” you should when visiting our web-site.
It is sad, actually pitiful when lawmakers do not take the time to read legislation before voting on that legislation.  The Constitutional Alliance has taken the time to provide citizens with analysis of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  If citizens do not take the time to learn about legislation congress is considering and in this case the senate has already passed, what does that say about each of us?
Please share this email with everyone you are in contact with and ask those people to do the same.
Thank you,

Senator Campfield weighs in on the fake Common Core “delay”

Copyright: Little Seed Productions

Copyright: Little Seed Productions

By Eric Holcombe

The “freeze”  of common core is all but useless.  The department says common core is fully implemented so to say you aren’t going to implement it any further is like saying you filled up your gas tank but you aren’t going to put any more gas in your tank.”

Couldn’t say it much better myself. Read the rest here.

For proof of what the Senator is claiming, watch the March 12, 2014 video proceedings of his bill SB1985 here.

The State Dept. of Education brings Steve Smith and Emily Barton (K-12 “lead” for PARCC, the no-bid, federally-mandated, overpriced testing arm created with Race To The Top money) to explain that Common Core is now already fully implemented. That means there is no “further implementation” to delay for two years.  They then use an appeal to fear (that’s a logical fallacy for the Common Core – educated out there) that if we don’t keep Common Core implemented, the state may be liable to the federal government for the $500+ million we fraudulently obtained through RTTT and have already spent.  I GUESS COMMON CORE ISN’T “STATE-LED” THEN IS IT?

They also claim great improvement on NAEP assessments last year due to Common Core.  A post on that false statement is forthcoming.


Citizen’s Comment on International Building Codes

Carol Ross made her much appreciated return to the County Commission earlier this month when she spoke against item G4, the international building and fire codes.  Thanks to her effort, the item is not on this month’s Commission meeting.  I hope she will be a regular once again at these meetings.

Here remarks:

A teacher enters the classroom and informs the students: Tomorrow is your test on The Iliad.

Student 1 says: But we‘ve not read that book.

The teacher replies, “Why not? The books have been in the principal’s office for 90 days.”

Student 2 states: You didn’t tell us that the books were there.

“Well,” the teacher responds, “The school’s policy does not mandate that I tell you.”

What do you think of this teacher?

I know that TCA does not mandate telling anyone that the books are in the clerk’s office, what I can’t figure out is, “Why would you want to put the codes in the Clerk’s office for 90 days if you didn’t tell anyone that they were there?

By the way, how many of you commissioners have read these books of code proposed to be passed?  Could you pass a test on them?

How much will these codes cost the county?  How much will they cost the citizens? Are we pricing people out of a home?

Is a grant tied to these codes?  If so, how many strings are tied to them and how much will the strings cost?

Will people who own existing homes be exempt from all of these codes?

The resolution states that the existing codes are “obsolete”. In my opinion this is a bit harsh.  How many changes have been made and how drastic are they?

Thank you for your time.