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All three female commissioners ending fight against Blount County ‘courthouse clique’

Blount County Commissioners Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and Tona Monroe discuss why they aren’t seeking reelection.  To tie this together, when the citizens group was active, Citizens for Blount County’s Future, there were more people fighting the courthouse clique/political machines/good ole’ boys/establishment.  These citizens were present at Blount County government meetings and spoke out on many important issues.  After the citizens group disbanded, and Blount County Tax Revolt followed suit, there were often no citizens at commission and committee meetings.  This is likely why the courthouse clique has been able to cut commissioner Monroe’s microphone off for about a year and a half.  If there had been some citizen participation these past couple of years, the three ladies may have been more effective in trying to reform local government.


And the Beat Goes on…

JamieDalyDistrict10This newsletter was published by Blount County Commissioner Jamie Daly, serving in the 10th Commission district in the Louisville area.

February 2015   Issue 1 page 1   Issue 1 page 2
June 2015   Issue 2 page 1   Issue 2 page 2
January 2016  Issue 3 page 1   Issue 3 page 2

Correction to Issue 2: A simple majority of 11 votes is required to override the veto of the Mayor, not a 2/3rds majority.


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