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The Real Reason for the Troop Withdrawl in Iraq

According to Congressman and GOP Presidential hopeful Ron Paul, the reason 39,000 troops are coming home from Iraq is because they will no longer have immunity for their actions.  He remonstrates our current foreign policy by pointing out that there will still be 17,000 military personnel and private contractors in Iraq and that the withdrawal of 39,000 from Iraq could mean that the USA will simply place these troops elsewhere in the region.



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Understanding the Root Cause of Suicide Terrorism

Professor Robert Pape has thoroughly researched suicide terrorism and summarizes his research in the videos below, in a lecture called Dying to Win.  We are involved in at least 3 very expensive wars; therefore, it’s imperative that we understand the root cause of suicide terrorism.  All Americans should watch these 4 videos to gain knowledge about the problem and hopefully develop the wisdom to stop suicide terrorism and end these wars.

Why does Professor Pape focus on suicide terrorism?  He states that suicide terrorism kills an average of 12 times more people than terrorism where the terrorist is not committing suicide. 

Suicide terrorism began in the early 1980′s.  According to Pape, suicide terrorism is a recent phenomenon that didn’t exist prior to 1980.  Interestingly and importantly, no Hezbollah suicide attacks have occurred since May 2000, when the Israeli army left southern Lebanon.

The majority of terrorism is not religiously motivated.  Professor Pape’s research shows that the world leader of suicide terrorism is the Tamils in Sri Lanka, not a Muslim group.  The Tamils are a Marxist secular group, of which some are Hindu.  Furthermore, he states that 1/3 of terrorist attacks by Muslims are done through secular groups.  Over 50% are not associated with Islamic fundamentalism. 

How do suicide terrorist attacks prior to 2003 compare to attacks after the Iraqi war?  From 1980 to 2003, there were 343 completed suicide terrorist attacks.  During this time the Tamil’s committed the most suicide attacks.  About 10% of suicide terrorist attacks prior to the American invasion of Iraq were against Americans or American interest.  After the 2003 invasion, 91% are aimed at us.  Some of this increase is due to decreases elsewhere, but not all.

What is driving suicide attacks?  Pape says that what over 95% of all suicide terrorist have in common is that they are trying to compel a democratic state to withdraw their occupation or control of territory that terrorists consider to be there homeland or land they prize greatly.  In other words, most terrorist feel they have been invaded by another nation and hope that the violent acts will get the occupiers to leave.

Conclusion: While religion may be mixed in, the primary cause/motivation of over 95% of suicide terrorism is foreign occupation, not religion.  Mosques provide a network for demagoguery, but the religion is not the origin of motivation.  Muslims do not hate us because we’re free, but because we occupy their land, just as other terrorist groups are attacking those that occupy their land.  This coincides with the extensive research done by Gallup.  Michael Scheuer, CIA Analyst for the Bin Laden Unit, agrees that foreign occupation is causing the attacks to increase.  Invasion and occupation are not without consequences.  Blowback is a serious problem.   Presidential candidate Ron Paul is right when he tries to explain why we’re being attacked by suicide terrorists.  He is not blaming you and me but our foreign policy, which research shows is creating more terrorists, not less, and needs to be critically evaluated if we are serious about stopping terrorism and respecting our troops by bringing them home.  Our military people know these wars need to end, which is why Dr. Ron Paul receives more active duty military donations than any other Presidential candidate.  Ron Paul was right and is still right.

Coming soon:  A Suggested Reading List on the Subject.

Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror


Though it is hard for many to believe, honest studies show that the real motivation behind the September 11 attacks and the vast majority of other instances of suicide terrorism is not that our enemies are bothered by our way of life.  Neither is it our religion, or our wealth.  Rather, it is primarily occupation.  If you were to imagine for a moment how you would feel if another country forcibly occupied the United States, had military bases and armed soldiers present in our hometowns, you might begin to understand why foreign occupation upsets people so much.  Robert Pape has extensively researched this issue and goes in depth in his book “Cutting the Fuse:  The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It”.  In fact, of 2,200 incidents of suicide attacks he has studied worldwide since 1980, 95% were in response to foreign occupation. 

Pape notes that before our invasion of Iraq, only about 10% of suicide terrorism was aimed at Americans or American interests.  Since, then however, not only is suicide terrorism greatly on the rise, but 91% of it is now directed at us. 

Why is Ron Paul the only candidate running for President that understands this problem and openly speaks about it?  Most terrorist acts (95%) relate to hawkish foreign policy causing the overall percentage of terrorist attacks on Americans to increase from 10% to 91%.  Will Americans realize that our foreign policy causes blowback, making us less safe, not more?  Americans need to ask what motivates these people to attack.  Don’t fall into the intellectual slothfulness of blaming Islam or saying that Muslims hate freedom.  It is true that a small percentage of attacks are motivated by interpretation of religious doctrine (around 5%), and we should not tolerate such violence, but the vast majority (95%) of terrorist attacks are not.  That necessitates that we look within and examine our foreign policy.  Diplomacy clearly has it’s place.

Here are some important questions we need to be asking about our foreign policy.

What a Tangled Web we Weave!

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The CIA worked closely with Moammar Gadhafi’s intelligence services in the rendition of terror suspects to Libya for interrogation, according to documents seen Saturday by the AP, cooperation that could spark tensions between Washington and Libya’s new rulers.

The CIA was among a number of foreign intelligence services that worked with Libya’s agencies, according to documents found at a Libyan security agency building in Tripoli.

The discovery came as the Libyan rebels said they would surround pro-Gadhafi cities until the Sept. 10 deadline for their surrender.

Trying to “to avoid bloodshed and to avoid more destruction to public properties and national institutions, we have given an ultimatum of one week to the areas of Sirte, Bani Walid, Jufra and Sabha,” the head of the rebels’ National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, told reporters in Benghazi.

“It is an opportunity for these cities to peacefully join the revolution,” he said, adding the rebels were providing humanitarian aid to the besieged areas along with water and electricity services.

The intelligence documents found in Tripoli, meanwhile, provided new details on the ties between Western countries and Gadhafi’s regime. Many of those same countries backed the NATO attacks that helped Libya’s rebels force Gadhafi from power.


This article raises several questions that need to be answered.   Who’s side are we on?  Gaddafi?  The Muslim Terrorist? Big Oil?  Who are the Libyan rebels?  Why are we now opposing Gaddafi, when we were working with his intelligence services previoulsy to stop terrorist?   

Could the Libyan war be to protect the status of the dollar being the worlds reserve curency?


Cost of Wars


George Bush Jr. ran in 2000 on a humble foreign policy with no nation building and was critical of Clinton’s wars.  We got 2 wars, under his Presidency, that are now almost a decade long.

Barack H. Obama ran in 2008 against the Iraq war, although he said he’d bomb Pakistan.  People didn’t critically evaluate his statements and his actions and now we’re in a war in Libya.

Ron Paul is the only man that has consistently blasted these wars.  He supported the inital defense efforts in Afghanistan, but was strongly against the Iraq war and has called for all our troops to come home from all nations and protect our borders here.