Tennessee Republicans made sure “law enforcement” was exempted from the new distracted driving law – Part 2

by Horatio Bunce

Almost time for the new cell-phone ban law to go into effect. But the Tennessee Republican super majority made sure the new law doesn’t apply to “law enforcement”. They can do whatever they want, putting others in danger – and issue citations to you for the exact same activity. The Tennessee legislature loves to use the “Mom, all the other kids are doing it” rationale when justifying their bills often times using law in other states as some kind of precedent and apparently we all need to be the same as the other kids. I guess maybe they didn’t look at what is happening to other states where “law enforcement” drives distracted. Or maybe like Arlingon, they too think Tennessee “law enforcement” will be “above the fray” and have special, different brains from everyone else and can multitask on their computer, radio, cell phone all at the same time. Think it isn’t happening already in Tennessee? Stay tuned for Part 3.



Tennessee Republicans made sure “law enforcement” was exempted from the new distracted driving law – Part 1

By Horatio Bunce

Because….trained professionals…uhhhh…whose brains work different than yours…like the government constantly reminds you that you are incapable of multi-tasking in those radio PSAs and distracting text message signs over the interstate…trained professionals, they never do that…

Budget hearing on proposed $8.3M property tax increase Monday June 10th at 5 PM

The Blount County Budget Committee will hold its annual budget hearing meeting on Monday June 10th at 5 PM in room 430 at the courthouse.

The proposed budget will increase the amount of property tax collected from the businesses and citizens of Blount County by approximately $8.3 million over the current budget.

The increase is due to the proposed budget including a tax rate of $2.47 rather than the certified rate of $2.25.  The value of a penny in the current budget is $347,000 but under the reappraisal the penny will be worth $378,000, meaning that property owners will be taxed $8.3 million more in the new (proposed) budget.

Senator Art Swann is trying to ban talking on cell phone while driving

Art Swann, Tennessee State Senator from Blount County, is trying to ban talking on cell phones while driving.  Simply talking on your cell while driving is not in and of itself a danger, excluding the health effects from radiation.

People use their hands while talking to passengers and driving every day.  Should that activity be criminalized as well since it involves using our hands and talking while driving?

The state of Tennessee already has a distracted driving law.  That is sufficient to stop people who pose a danger.

The very fact that legislation is being discussed to criminalize what is usually safe activity means that most cops don’t view driving while talking on your cell phone as dangerous activity.  If they did, they’d be charging people with distracted driving.  Safe activity shouldn’t be criminalized.




These bills will be heard by the Finance Ways and Means Committees of both houses next week.  Please encourage the members to vote against these bills.  You can find the members here:



State Representative Bob Ramsey, also from Blount County, is a cosponsor of the house legislation.

Let freedom ring!

Thought of the Day

by Horatio Bunce

In my 17 years of Tennessee public schooling (Kindgergarten through HS and 4 years college), not once were the schools closed because 20%+ of the students and faculty were sick. But that was all before GMO foods were introduced (1996), we started spraying food with cancer-causing Roundup and insecticide-oozing, gut-destroying BT-Corn and soy was put in nearly everything. I’m sure it’s all a coincidence we have no immunity and the flu vaccines are only about 30% effective.


Sen. Briggs represents the raw milk nazis

by Horatio Bunce

Sen. Richard Briggs has introduced a bill (SB-015) in an attempt to make consuming milk from hooved animals illegal if you own a partial interest in the animal. I guess it could be argued that if you own full interest you also own partial interest. Or if you and your husband/wife or you and your brother own a herd of dairy cows, you only own a partial interest in them. Or if you have a farm loan for the animals, you only have a partial interest. It doesn’t seem well thought-out, but the target is stealing the produce from the dairy animals of partial owners – specifically cow share arrangements that allow folks to consume raw milk. You do remember Richard don’t you? He’s the state Senator that didn’t live in the Senate district where he was running for election and had a fake “residence” apartment he used to qualify illegally. Stacey Campfield requested the utility bills for the apartment and found it was using almost no water and the gas service was not connected. Or, maybe Richard doesn’t take baths, wash his clothes or flush his toilet very often. Which makes it funny he is so concerned about this issue that boils down to cleanliness.

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Blount County isn’t getting paid for housing federal inmates during federal government shutdown

Another reason, among many, why it isn’t a good idea to house pretrial detainee inmates in the Blount County jail.  The arsenic gravy on top of the horse biscuit is that the Blount County Sheriff’s Office didn’t even know about this until the press contacted them.


What has America learned 100 years after the prohibition amendment?

Why Do We Blame Women For Prohibition?

Today marks the 100 year history of the ratification of the alcohol prohibition amendment.  Prohibition of alcohol was a failure, like prohibition of marijuana.  At least 100 years ago, the federal government sought an amendment to take such action, where today it just acts, often without authority.


Too Much Partisanship in Washington? No, Too Much Bipartisanship!

By Ron Paul     Monday December 10, 2018

Washington is once again gripped by the specter of a government shutdown, as Congress and President Trump negotiate an end-of-year spending deal. A main issue of contention is funding for President Trump’s border wall. Sadly, but not surprisingly, neither Congress nor the administration is fighting to cut, or at least not increase, spending.

Federal spending has increased from 3.6 trillion dollars to 4.4 trillion dollars since Republicans gained control over both chambers of Congress in 2014. Some may try to defend congressional Republicans by pointing out that for two years the Republican Congress had to negotiate spending deals with President Obama. But federal spending has increased by 7.5 percent, or over 300 billion dollars, since Donald Trump become President.

A big beneficiary of the Republican spending spree is the military-industrial complex. Republicans have increased the “defense” budget by eight percent in the past two years. President Trump and congressional Republicans claim the increases are necessary because sequestration “decimated” the military. But Congress, with the Obama administration’s full cooperation and support, suspended sequestration every year but one, so the planned cuts never went into full effect. Congress and Obama also “supplemented” the official military budget with generous appropriations for the Pentagon’s off-budget Overseas Contingency Operations fund. Spending on militarism increased by as much as 600 billion dollars over the amounts allowed for under sequestration.

President Trump has proposed reducing the projected military budget for fiscal year 2020 to 700 billion dollars. This would be a mere two percent cut, yet the usual voices are already crying that this tiny reduction would endanger our security. If history is any guide, the military-industrial complex’s congressional allies and high-priced lobbyists will be able to defeat the president’s proposed reductions and convince President Trump to further increase the military budget.

This huge military budget has little or nothing to do with America’s legitimate security needs. In fact, as candidate Trump recognized, America’s military interventions in the Middle East have endangered our security by empowering terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

While the warfare state has been a big beneficiary of the Republican spending spree, the GOP has hardly neglected the welfare state. Domestic spending has increased seven percent since 2016. Except for a half-hearted attempt to repeal Obamacare and some food stamp reforms that were included in and then dropped from this year’s farm bill, Republicans have not made any effort to roll back or even reform the welfare state.

The farm bill, which Congress is expected to pass this week, will spend as much as 900 billion dollars over the next ten years. Much of that spending will be on taxpayer subsidies for wealthy farmers and even “farmers in name only.”

Trump’s budget deals have been supported by the majority of Democrats. Even those who have called for the president’s impeachment are more than happy to vote with him when it comes to increasing spending and debt. These Democrats are the mirror image of 1990s Republicans who made a big spending deal with President Clinton while simultaneously trying to impeach him.

We suffer from too much bipartisanship when it comes to the welfare-warfare state. This bipartisanship has resulted in a national debt that is rapidly approaching 30 trillion dollars. This will inevitably lead to a major economic crisis. The way to avoid this crisis is to replace the bipartisan welfare-warfare consensus with a new consensus in favor of limited government, peace, free markets in all areas including currency, and auditing then ending the Fed.

Source: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2018/december/10/too-much-partisanship-in-washington-no-too-much-bipartisanship/

Federal Court Says Police Can Run Non-violent Suspects Off The Road

When I served on the Blount County, TN Commission, there was a resolution to give cops guns upon retirement. I voted against it because of guns being given to cops who do stupid, tyrannical stuff like this. One other commissioner, Karen Miller, joined me in voting no. She and I were never concerned with being PC.

An expired tag does not warrant a trip to the hospital. Watch out, because you could be next.

Federal appeals court supports state trooper who rammed a woman off the road for failing to stop within 42 seconds over a paperwork violation.
Posted: 13 Dec 2018 12:09 AM PST

The Eighth Circuit US Court of Appeals thinks it is appropriate for police officers to use any force needed to ram a driver with an expired registration sticker off the road. That was what happened to Jerica Jena Moore-Jones as she was driving her white 2014 Dodge Challenger on Interstate 30 in Arkansas on November 7, 2015.

State trooper Anthony Todd Quick saw that he could issue an easy ticket, so he pulled behind Moore-Jones and turned on his overhead lights. Moore-Jones immediately slowed, but the road shoulder was unlit, dark and narrow — less than the width of her car. She did not feel safe. So she proceeded at 35 MPH — 20 MPH under the speed limit. So she proceeded for 42 seconds to find a wider spot, but the road was still narrow. Because she passed an exit, however, Trooper Quick decided to ram the Challenger off the road with the precision immobilization technique (PIT) maneuver. The Challenger was knocked into a ditch, sending Moore-Jones and her daughter to the hospital.Moore-Jones sued the officer for using excessive force, and US District Judge J. Leon Holmes agreed the officer was out of line. After watching the dashcam video, the lower court judge did not believe Moore-Jones was fleeing. On appeal, however, a three-judge panel last month endorsed the trooper’s conduct.

“The right to be free from a PIT maneuver in these circumstances was not sufficiently definite,” Judge William Duane Benton wrote for the Eighth Circuit panel. “From a reasonable officer’s perspective, she refused to comply with commands to pull over. In November 2015, Quick was justified in using some force to secure compliance.”

The appellate judges cited a number of cases in which other courts had upheld the use of the PIT maneuver against reckless drivers fleeing the law. Moore-Jones had pointed out she was not reckless and she was “wanted” for a minor, non-violent infraction. The trooper admitted that Moore-Jones posed no danger to anyone, and his supervisor, Lieutenant Darran Austin “counseled” Trooper Quick after the incident.”I reminded him that even though our EVOC program is changed and we are using the PIT maneuver, be mindful of the people that may not feel safe to stop in that location and may be moving to what they feel is a safer location,” the lieutenant wrote in a November 23, 2015 memo.

The appellate court did leave open the possibility that Moore-Jones could sue for assault and battery if she could prove the trooper acted with malice. The case is back with Judge Holmes to resolve that question. That could be bad news for Trooper Quick, as Judge Holmes noted in an August 30, 2016, order that, at least in the early stage of the case, he was inclined to see the conduct as malicious.

“The Supreme Court of Arkansas has defined malicious acts or omissions to include those acts carried out ‘with reckless disregard of the rights of another as to constitute the equivalent of ill will,'” Judge Holmes wrote. “It is reasonable to infer that Quick acted ‘maliciously’ — with at least ‘reckless disregard’ — by ramming Moore-Jones’s vehicle off the road.”

After ten years on the force, Quick retired. The state police commission awarded Quick his Glock 21 service pistol “as a token of their esteem and appreciation for service devoted to the Arkansas State Police.”

A copy of the Eighth Circuit ruling is available in a 100k PDF file at the source link below. Source

Tona Monroe to speak at Bill of Rights Banquet on December 18th

Recipient of last year’s Eagle Award, then Blount County Commissioner Tona Monroe, will be the speaker at the 4th annual Truth Radio Bill of Rights Banquet on Tuesday December 18th.  The topic of the speech will be Proof of Authority and the Proper Role of Government: The Foundation of a Constitutional Republic.

A dinner will be held at 7 PM at RJ’s Courtyard located at 3749 Airport Hwy, Louisville, Tennessee 37777.  Book your meal by calling WBCR at 984-1470. 

2017 Bill of Rights Banquet
Eagle Award Recipients Tona Monroe, Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and Scott Williams