Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer: Where is that lawsuit Mayor?

It’s interesting that Mayor Ed Mitchell has hired a reporter who a few months ago covered the fact that the Blount County Commission has yet to hear from the jail consultant paid to address the overcrowding problem.  Mitchell responded by threatening to file a frivolous lawsuit.

The reporter doesn’t have any experience in the field of Emergency Management that he was hired to work in.  Could this be Mitchell’s attempt to keep his friends close and his enemies closer?  It appears to be a smart move on Mitchell’s part but the way that Mitchell, the Sheriff and the commission have responded to the jail report is not smart for the taxpayers of Blount County.

The Sheriff is hell-bent on building a new jail pod.  The criminal justice assessement report (jail study) said there are many things we can do besides expand the jail.  That’s why the report had to be squashed, ignored, ridiculed and the character of the person who did the report maligned.  Most of the people in county government are afraid to stand up to the Sheriff and say no to expanding the jail.

Ed Mitchell doesn’t run this town.  The Sheriff does.  Mitchell is only in charge of the things that the Sheriff doesn’t care about.  You can see it in Mitchell’s actions.  The Mayor didn’t have to respond to the jail consultant the way he did.

Where is that lawsuit Mayor?  You know the one that you threatened to file with your Not the County Attorney*.  It’s time to quit playing games.  Numerous lives and the wallets of the people of Blount County are at risk from the poor decisions made by our local government.

The best place to start reducing the jail population is to stop taking federal inmates since we lose money on them.  The report that the Mayor and his Not the County Attorney don’t want the commission to talk about said we lose money on federal inmates.

*Blount County does not have a county atttorney established by private act.  The Mayor is authorized to employee counsel when there is no office of county attorney.


“That is an out-and-out falsehood,”

Don't believe the Fred Thompson lies -Vote NO on 2!

Don’t believe the Fred Thompson lies -Vote NO on 2!

Those are the words of Wally Kirby, executive director for the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference referring to the outright lies told by the attorneys paying political hack Fred Thompson to lie to you on the radio about “preserving your right to vote” for judges. TNReport covered a strong-arm attempt by Gov. Haslam via Bill Gibbons to leverage an endorsement on 2 from the actually elected district attorneys. They couldn’t muster a 2/3 majority without Gibbons “reminding” them of how invested the Governor is in this amendment and holding an additional vote.

So there are 10 (or more) district attorneys that still have a shred of a conscience left and know that the executive branch is acting illegally by “selecting” judges and our entire current state supreme court has been “selected” by Bredesen and Haslam.

“Quite frankly, there was strong opposition from a few,” Wally Kirby, executive director for the DA’s organization, told TNReport. “Some of them feel like all of the judges should be properly, popularly elected — like they are.[emphasis mine]

Kirby wouldn’t provide names of those who voted against the measure, but he related that some felt Amendment 2 is confusing, and that the campaign in favor of it has been misleading. The “Yes on 2″ commercial suggesting that the amendment protects the people’s right to vote for judges is “very deceiving,” he said.

That is an out-and-out falsehood,” said Kirby. “It does not give you the opportunity to vote for a judge. It gives you the opportunity to vote in a retention election eight years from now.”[emphasis mine]

If I had been violating the state Constitution like Governors Bredesen and Haslam have been, the illegally “selected” judges have been….I guess I would want the buy-in of the remaining state level DA’s too. Who is left to indict you?

Isn’t it amazing

Isn’t it amazing that The Daily Times has an editorial puff piece on Senator Lamar Alexander on the day that a staffer child pornography scandal breaks?  Some editing at the Times would be nice.  There are duplicate paragraphs in the updated version of the pornography story.–including-US-Sen-Alexander-id-044231

Maryland: Speed Camera Cash Used To Shock, Shoot And Spy On Drivers

Maryland: Speed Camera Cash Used To Shock, Shoot And Spy On Drivers
Tasers, Glocks and cell phone spying device bought with speed camera profit in Salisbury, Maryland.

CellebriteUnder Maryland law, jurisdictions that operate speed cameras face strict limits on how much revenue can be generated and what local officials can buy with the money. Last month, the city council in Salisbury voted unanimously to take the automated ticketing cash and buy Glock training handguns, Tasers and a device that police can use to crack passwords and download data off the cell phones of motorists during a traffic stop.

Maryland’s law autorizing the use of traffic cameras was highly controversial, first passing in 2006 over the veto of then-Governor Robert L. Ehrlich (R). To obtain the needed votes when expanding the speed camera program statewide in 2009, lawmakers agreed to a few compromises. Cities are not allowed to collect more than ten percent of their municipal budget from camera revenue, and profit must go “solely for public safety purposes, including pedestrian safety programs,” according to Maryland Code Section 7-302.

In August, the city put in an order for nine Tasers at a cost of $12,500. Last month it approved purchase of eight Glock simunitions handguns and the purchase of a $12,083 mobile device used to crack the passwords and grab the data from mobile phones while in the field.

“The upgrade will allow police investigators to pull data from the most technically advanced cell phones and tablets,” Salisbury Police Major David Meienschein wrote in a September 5 memo. “The Cellebrite UFED Touch is a device that is used to perform data extractions from cell phones, tablets, iPads, GPS and other electronic devices. Investigators have been able to obtain stored and deleted data files to include but not limited to: text messages, photographs, videos and contact lists.”

Ron Ely, head of the Maryland Drivers Alliance, says this is one of many examples of municipalities are making a mockery of the law.

“The so called ‘public safety restriction’ is a meaningless joke intended for public relations and has no practical effect,” Ely told TheNewspaper. “Salisbury’s interpretation of this provision is not surprising at all. Chevy Chase Village previously earmarked such funds on things like new locker rooms, office equipment, cable TV lines, and a new office for the police chief.”



It’s obvious that all across this country governments have declared war on we the people.  The only way to stop this, absent divine intervention, is to stop making excuses and fight your corrupt governments.

Earlier this week we saw Sheriff Be-Wrong cross into another jurisdiction and put another County Jail in “lock down“, military style with a grenade launcher on hand, all to keep the people safe from the Grainger Co. Coffee monster. Truthfully the ones running the jail are far more dangerous than the petty thieves in the jail.  The petty thieves usually just make off with a tv and copper wire.  Government stills more than half of what you make if you are a working person.  Worse if you don’t give them them at least half, they will take it all by putting your house for sale on the courthouse steps to pay the debts they rack up, all in our names of course.  Don’t you just love freedom?  It’s so darn expensive.  The petty thief pales in comparison.

St. Augustine provides a good lesson in the evils of government vs. the petty thief.

Governments keep hostile possession of the roads, eliminating practical travel for most people except with government permission.  Look at all the cops occupying the roads, as though we’re at war, needing constant surveillance and “patrol”.

It’s time to stop making excuses about how busy you are with your lives and push back evil luciferian government.

The Common Core Opponents at the “fact-finding” hearing


As the newspapers around the region seem to be following Arne Duncan’s instructions to the press regarding exactly how they need to be reporting on spinning the Common Core “state” Standards (note the link is from the FEDERAL department of Education site where the FEDERAL Secretary of Education tells them how to write about the “state-led” standards), I realize that most of you won’t take the time to watch the seven hours of proceedings from last Friday’s Senate Education Committee “fact-finding” hearing. So, just as I did for the largely Bill Gates funded proponents of Common Core, I’ll also highlight those who spoke against Common Core. The “news” papers want to concentrate on only a couple of these speakers and criticize them for being from “out of state” while ignoring the evidence they brought to bear, a good portion of which was provided in written form directly by the state or federal government’s documentation. (Note: this is the classic ad hominem logical fallacy, but you won’t be learning that in the Common Core). The reason that the “out of state” speakers and their points are valid is precisely because the Common Core “state” Standards are a federal scheme that has been carried out on all of the states via the Race To The Top (RTTT) federal bribe. NONE of the states implemented these standards prior to committing to them in their application to Race To The Top for federal money. That is where it was hidden. The same trojan horse was used in every state. Most of them took the bait. So, once you are aware of this scheme, you can simply go to any of the other states and point out their Race To The Top application where they took the federal bribe to implement Common Core and expand the measurement system of students. They also will very likely by now have an operating agreement with one of the two testing arms created by RTTT: PARCC and SBAC to carry out the expanded data-mining that is required.

Here is a link to the hearing video. It’s the Friday September 20, 2013 session. I’ll give you time stamps below so you can skip ahead and watch the particular speakers if you wish.

1:11:00  Jane Robbins, J.D.Senior Fellow of the American Principles Project  – Ms. Robbins’ presentation concentrated on the data collection aspect of the commitments made in the Race To The Top application that were part and parcel of committing to the Common Core “state” Standards, including a statement by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan that we want to measure “Johnny” from preschool through college and on into his career and salary to see how “successful” he is. She also tied this data philosophy to the federal government previous to the Obama administration. She has a huge pile of paper which is just a portion of the 1100+ page RTTT application and quotes from it directly. She quotes from the 2011 agreement the State of Tennessee made with PARCC for testing and the data collection that they will illegally share with the U.S. Department of Education. She references the bizarre data mining potentials shown in the February 2013, U.S. Department of Education report “Promoting Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century” (see page 62 of the pdf for the information she references to pressure sensitive mouse, posture analysis seating and facial expression camera). She also informs the committee of multiple states that are pulling out of the PARCC testing assessments. This seems to be a surprise after all the “unanimous support” propaganda that has been fed.

2:11:00 Ted Rebarber – CEO and founder of AccountabilityWorks – Mr. Rebarber’s presentation deals solely with the costs associated with the expansion of the states’ Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) that was promised in the RTTT application. Note that his organization is not anti-assessement, but looking at the economic feasibility and cost vs. benefit analysis of the yet-to-be-determined data mining that is required by Common Core via the two testing arms created by federal funds, PARCC and SBAC. This is exemplified by the testing agreement with PARCC and the “one computer per six students” espoused earlier in the hearing as required for Common Core testing by State Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman. A lot of this cost was supposed to be paid for over four years with the RTTT grant money. I hope you have all your computers and networks set up because the cash cow is going dry this year.  But that doesn’t cover the cost of the ongoing, perpetual assessments themselves with the new data-miner overlord PARCC. The State of Arizona has come to a rude awakening on the cost of dealing with PARCC. For some reason PARCC costs 31% more than SBAC for measuring the exact same Common Core “state” Standards. Rebarber also makes some   comparisons of assessments with foreign countries that show that Common Core, though claimed as “internationally benchmarked”, is really mediocre when compared to the international community. Senator Gardenhire seems to take offense at something in the presentation and wants to push a question about whether the international countries have to test “special needs” students the same as the rest. He doesn’t seem to understand that there aren’t Common Core International Standards where the rest of the world is trying to be exactly the same – like “we” are.

3:17:16  Joy PullmanResearch Fellow at Heartland Institute and Editor of School Reform News – Ms. Pullman begins by laying out the fraud of the “state-led” claim for Common Core, confirming the standards were created by NGA and CCSSO which have no law-making powers and that they were funneled millions by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with other speakers presenting that day including TNSCORE, Thomas Fordham Institute and the State Board of Education. She also makes a possible tie to the hearing appearance of Eric Goslowski from the Tennessee National Guard as a patriotic appeal from the military for Common Core also paid by Gates. Maybe I really made 100%. She then proceeds to report the facts about the standards writing (not by Tennesseans, not by teachers), the secrecy and confidentiality agreements those involved with the standards had to make, the lack of publishing the public comment phase (months after we committed to the standards),  the state commitment to the  standards in the RTTT application when they didn’t exist yet.  In short, she totally destroyed the fraudulent facade propped up by the Gates crowd. The money quote:  “No amount of spin can alter the fact that Common Core was created outside of Tennessee in an extra-legal process in which Tennesseans had no ability to determine the outcome themselves or through their duly elected representatives in the legislature, a right that the state constitution is supposed to secure them.” She then proceeds to dismantle the Gates-funded “appraisals” of the Common Core standards and mentions the refusal (in February 2010) of the Common Core Validation Committee content experts in English Language Arts and Math, Sandra Stotsky and James Milgrim respectively, to sign off on the Common Core Standards they were involved in creating. She expands on the experience, qualifications and the post-validation-committee criticism of Common Core by Stotsky and Milgrim.  I enjoyed watching her discussion of military “brats” and their 97% high school graduation rate despite moving every three years to different states, different schedules, different curriculum while Goslowski is seen over her shoulder nodding in agreement. Then she proceeds to state that this proves Common Core isn’t even necessary for these kids the proponents are using as human shields while disadvantaging the other 97.6% of students who aren’t military “brats”. Another quote: “Somewhere along the way, they forgot that in the United States,  public education exists because our form of government requires people who can govern themselves.”

Some interesting questions after her presentation by Sen. Crowe regarding the recommended readings (curriculum) found within Common Core that “isn’t a curriculum” and by Sen. Jack Johnson who seems to be coming to the realization that the legislators were duped by passing Woodson’s First To The Top Act of 2010 in special session January 15, 2010 and never really getting a look at the Common Core “state” Standards that they also committed to with the Race To The Top application for federal money (because they didn’t exist yet). This exchange is very important because Ms. Pullman confirms the timeline I have been presenting for you, that Common Core was rubber-stamped before it existed. For some reason, that didn’t seem “news” worthy to the regional papers. I wonder why?

4:04:50   Georgia State Senator William Ligon – Bill is a state Senator from Georgia who is working on legislation to remove Georgia from the Common Core “state” Standards. Georgia has already removed themselves from the testing agreement with PARCC. He discusses the Common Core standards and why they were a step backward for Georgia.  He states that the  people of Georgia were not consulted about the Common Core and states that  there was no legislation, referendum or great public push for the Common Core standards. Now the Georgia public is questioning where they came from (since they, like we, are accused of allegedly demanding these from our elected officials who have the power to implement such things). Bill also mentions reviews by Sandra Stotsky of the Georgia standards vs. the new Common Core standards, mentioning that she also previously did Georgia’s review working for Thomas Fordham Institute. So Stotsky is a real thorn in the Common Core side as she not only helped review the states academic standards before Common Core, but was on the validation committee for ELA in creating the Common Core and refused to sign off on them because they were weak.  He calls Common Core an “end run” around federal education law. Common Core and the PARCC testing was brought to Georgia with no estimation of future cost. PARCC testing costs were going to be $33/student compared to their current expense of $11/student for assessment.  I guess PARCC governing board member Kevin Huffman had already left the room and was not able to explain this one.  Ligon also mentions the pornographic material in the Common Core recommended reading list and questioning “who put this in the standards”? Regarding Georgia’s rejection of PARCC: “If you don’t have the voice to determine what’s going to be tested, then you’re not going to control what is being taught in the classroom.” This guy get it. He spells out the tools for the legislators how to get where they need to go to throw off the yoke of the Common Core fraud. If only our governor and commissioner of education weren’t in leadership of the companies benefiting from the arrangement with TNSCORE running interference to the teachers.

4:58:00 Dr. Peg Luksik –  Although the “news” papers wanted to characterize Peg as a “politician from Pennsylvania”, she is working via a for-profit Political Action Committee called Founded On Truth. They are not “non-profit” because they want to truly have freedom of speech and not trade their 1st Amendment rights for a tax exemption as she explains in a presentation in her home state of Pennsylvania here. This is an excellent presentation that dissects how PA got in the Common Core mess and was my first introduction to Dr. Luksik. It also will help you see that this “state-driven” trojan horse of the RTTT federal money happened the same way there.  Dr. Luksik is also a former educator who is certified to teach special and elementary education and has instructed pre-school age students to college age. Her presentation deals primarily with assessments. She looked at our state assessments (TCAP) and then compared them to the promises in the RTTT application regarding math and reading proficiencies and points out the ridiculous nature of our assessment philosophy.  This gets into the minutia of assessment methods a bit, but it is not difficult to follow the logic: “You can not make objective decisions on subjective data“. She gives an excellent example of how the control of the test drives the curriculum with an example of an essay test on global warming when only one point of view is provided as a writing prompt for the student. Another quote of an exchange with Fordham Institute head Chester Finn: “Peg, don’t you want students to learn that democracy is better than totalitarianism?” And I said “No.” The whole audience gasped. “I want schools to teach it. But once I mandate that a child believe it, I have totalitarianism“.

5:43:58 Audrey Buffington – Ms. Buffington is not representing any other group, and has moved to Franklin, TN from Maine a little less than a year ago. She testified she was asked to serve on the State Board of Education in Maine just before moving to Tennessee. Here is a story recounting that. I also found some videos of Audrey here and here that appear to be made for local access television. She is likeable and comes across with a little of the “absent-minded professor” characteristic. Sen. Gresham interrupts her to question her qualifications, which are extensive regarding education  (and she has handed them a Curriculum Vitae).  The first part of her presentation is refuting some of the earlier speakers in the day, then she reviews some of her relevant education experience including creating curriculum at the state and national levels. Some of my favorite quotes: “While I was there, I trained ….excuse me I don’t like that word. I do that for dogs. I educated teachers… “.   “I said to this young teacher over here who was talking a while ago (referring to Teach For America speaker for the Common Core, Casie Jones) she didn’t need new standards. The passion that she has means that she could have taught well regardless of the standards.

6:28:00 Jerry Lowry – Assistant Principal White County High School. Didn’t read about Jerry in the “news” paper did you? “We were presented with a done deal and now we are caught in a web that we never spun”.   He provided a handout to the committee to back up his testimony. Jerry sounds the alarm on the potential costs that are coming to the local systems to maintain Common Core and the PARCC testing after the Race To The Top cash cow goes dry this year. He also references the Beacon Center’s study on Tennessee education spending that is critical of administrative cost increases and he ties those increases to the requirements brought about by Common Core and additionally, that he is not seeing the academic payback yet for all the increased spending. He portrays the “constant” professional development force fed as part of Common Core training to the teachers as being inconsistent and constantly changing, confusing and lowering the morale of the teaching staff. He states that they are in the top 5% academically and have achieved that without Common Core, so why would they want to throw that away in favor of something that has not been tried or tested. Jerry also provided a handout addressing one of the books in the recommended reading list included in the Common Core “state” Standards called the Bluest Eye and refrained from reading the pornographic material contained that was of concern to him as well as the people who put together such a list and considered this proper reading material (apparently he doesn’t think it was “state-led”). He finishes with a call to delay implementation of Common Core until the differences are resolved or at least until the trial district results (presumably including Clint Satterfield and Trousdale Co. since they “have been doing this for three years”) are seen.

Paper Shuffling and Publicity Stunt for and by Schools

A couple of weeks ago the local rag, The Daily Times, published the names of the teaching assistants that were laid off.  Sam Duck sent me a link to this article that says “several” were cut, but a majority of them were hired back to other positions.  Several is a meaningless term because it can be 5 or 100.

Looks like there really wasn’t a shortage of funds in the $81 million since they were able to hire a majority of the “several” laid off.

Paper shuffling makes for a good PR stunt.

This article says 11 of 22 will likely be rehired.  6 had quit.

How Biased is The Daily Times?

For over a month now The Daily Times has had a picture of a tattered book on it’s home page under the Focus section.  Several people complained about how one  sided their coverage of the Wheel Tax was.  Even people who don’t get involved in politics complained about the bias in favor of the Wheel Tax.

It’s one thing to cover schools.  It’s another to have a lopsided agenda, while purporting to be a newspaper.


Local Rag goes out of it’s way to make activist look bad

Mayor Bickers threatened?  Where are the police reports documenting the threats?  Bob Ramsey claimed the same thing when running for State Rep. saying he’d received death threats.

Death threats are a serious matter.  If these politicians have had their lives threatened they should report that to the Sheriff’s Dept.  Berrong will take good care of them and they’ll vote the way he tells them.

The Daily Times goes out of it’s way to investigate those challenging the status quo, but makes no effort to see if any of these alleged threats are legitimate.


Local Rag gets cozy with Governor Haslam

Haslam said, “Work through issues. Help solve problems instead of complaining about them.”

That’s why I started this site.  I got tired of the puff pieces, crickets chirping and slime from the Times.

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say


Project Veritas visits homes of journalists and politicians that are pushing for unconstitutional “gun control” to see if they will post a sign on their property declaring themselves “against senseless gun violence”, in other words, advertising a gun free zone.

Larken Rose breaks down the end game of “gun control” pretty well also. I didn’t know about David Gregory and his possession of a 30-round mag inside of DC, videotaped with millions of witnesses (okay, maybe tens of witnesses – it is Meet the Press). I think the only thing that would have been funnier is if LaPierre had whipped out his cell phone, dialed 9-1-1 and asked the police to come arrest this suspected terrorist….you know, “if you see something say something“.

The Daily Slime does Puff Piece on Bob Ramsey

The Daily Times published a puff piece on Representative Bob Ramsey, giving him credit for something he isn’t even willing to sponsor.  This is the second recent article promoting Ramsey favorably on a bill he is doing little of the work on.

In the first piece, attorneys were working on the legislation.  In this puff piece Ramsey admits that he is not the prime sponsor, and he is still considering whether to be a co-sponsor.  Ramsey said he “may co-sponsor” the legislation.  Why is The Daily Times devoting so much space and coverage to Ramsey for a bill that he hasn’t comitted to being a co-sponsor, much less the prime sponsor carrying the bill? 

Is The Daily Times carefully calculating the coverage they are giving Ramsey, considering Amelia’s law was there top story of 2012?  This is a great way to ensure that your man remains in office.  At some point these articles become in-kind contributions, going beyond the first amendment.  If people who don’t buy ink by the barrell have to report their support for a candidate, why don’t newspapers when they do the same?

If The Daily Times wants to cover what Ramsey has been doing in Nashville (actually sponsoring, rather than talking about something for press coverage), why not cover his involvement in Pigeon Forge liquor, forcing the citizens to vote again on what they defeated twice before. On this issue he actually sponsored the amendment forcing Pigeon Forge to vote on liquor by the drink.

Ramsey Amelias Laws Ramsey Puff Piece