#TNaintReady 2.0

by Horatio Bunce

Common Core “state” standards performance numbers for high school students are in. Commissioner McQueen had a press conference and bar graph to declare success as reported by the always- government-school-sympathetic Chalkbeat. Chalkbeat had set up the press conference the day before with another article stating that Tennessee students were struggling with the testing on the “UtahReady” tests because of the “rigorous” Common Core “State” Standards that students have only been using for two years. Convenient excuse isn’t it?

Remember how when back in 2014 (that’s 3 whole years ago for you Common Core Math students) when Stacey Campfield introduced a bill to stop implementing more Common Core “State” Standards, it was too late to turn back and lose all that ground? Apparently none of that counts, nor does the instruction happening between then and 2015 when we started paying millions of dollars to “lease” Utah Sage Assessment questions for TNReady tests. So the setup was that if we didn’t see improvement, it would be really bad news, therefore telegraphing that flat or any improvement at all is “success”. So, Candice makes up a bar graph that is really exaggerated to show improvement from 2016 to 2017.

I felt it necessary to edit her bogus graph to include the rest of the data set and illustrate how statistically insignificant the difference in the two years’ scores are. The educrats have changed the federally-driven testing language from the old “below basic, basic, proficient and advanced” terms to now only show us two terms called “on track” and “mastered”. There is a very significant data set (added by me in red) that does not fall in these categories. Not sure what that is called, since it is not “on track” or “mastered”. Maybe “obscured”, “obfuscated”, “ignored in press releases” or something similar would work?




3 thoughts on “#TNaintReady 2.0

  1. Absolutely tired of all the lies lies and more lies. County, City and State
    These folks in charge its all about money not the kids. Every time the
    Board of Ed wants money they cry ITS FOR THE KIDS….thats CRAP
    full of LIES AND MORE LIES. Do not understand if a person in the
    education department and on the board really care they would be
    talking to the parents instead of HIDING. They hold a board meeting at
    5 PM they know they can get away with their LIES. Do not want
    the public to know how deceiving the Board of Ed is , The best education
    is HOME SCHOOL your kids . parents get them out of the classroom
    where they are lied to,

  2. These test results are horrifying. I don’t know why we continue to fund failure. Mary is right. The best thing you can do is take charge of the education of your children instead of turning them over to expensive government failure.

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