Governor says shop normally, don’t stockpile/hoard, then hoards more for rainy day fund

By Horatio Bunce

Apparently the Toilet Paper Apocalypse doesn’t qualify as a rainy day. The state is just hoarding more money into the rainy day fund.

Gov. Bill Lee COVID-19 Bulletin #2

Gov. Lee spoke with the Grocers Association today and confirmed the strength of the supply chain.

  • Tennesseans should grocery shop as they normally would before the COVID-19 pandemic and should avoid stockpiling or hoarding.”

The budget amendment has changed to address a lower growth rate of 2.5% for the current year (Includes an additional $350 million in the Rainy-Day fund to ensure Tennessee remains prepared and continues to fully fund obligations such as the BEP, growth in TennCare and other liabilities.) 

  • A new $150 million fund for health and safety issues resulting from COVID-19 has also been established.”

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