They don’t believe the virus is real – why should you?


By Horatio Bunce

Maybe youtube won’t censor this video since it was produced by the CFR-controlled AP.

Trump had direct contact with multiple “infected” people less than two weeks before this event. He was “tested” 13 days prior. Note that on one in this video is practicing social distancing. We have been told for a month that is “our new normal”. What this video shows is one of a few things. Whether you continue to fall for the Trump vs. the Democrats BS that the CFR-controlled media keeps making this takeover, you cannot deny when they both demonstrate they are against you.

A) They don’t believe the COVID-19 virus is real. If they did, and really feared for their lives from this “pandemic”, then they would not be up close and personal with Trump, each other and handing off souvenir pens to each other. No masks, No gloves, no taped “Xs” on the floor keeping them apart, no concern.

B) They blatantly do not practice the “new normal” social distancing for themselves, but gladly encourage and allow executive orders, use of unconstitutional emergency powers to “lock down” America.

C) Also note the press corps inside. They also do not believe the COVID-19 virus is real. No social distancing, no gloves, no masks, no concern.


This virus is either a complete hoax, or all of these people have nothing to fear for some reason while you are “locked down”.


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