Formal complaint submitted to Dept. of Health for Deborah Birx practicing medicine in TN without a license

Online Complaint Confirmation

by Horatio Bunce

A formal complaint has been lodged against fraudulent “Dr.” Deborah Birx with the State Office of Investigations for Health Related Boards. The complaint states that Birx has no active medical license, no license at all in Tennessee and is guilty of practicing medicine without a license by prescribing medical devices called masks to be worn by all residents in Tennessee. These types of complaint submissions are confidential and copies of the complaints cannot be obtained by the public (protects victims, but also convenient to make them disappear). Decisions by the Board cannot be appealed. A complainant can submit their private information with the complaint (often necessary for the investigation into claims) or they can remain totally anonymous. In this case, the complainant provided their contact information, though the acts in question were quite intentionally public by Birx in her press conference with Governor Bill Lee and Nashville Mayor John Cooper. A response to the complaint is required, but may take months to occur. The information contained within the complaint has been provided to me and is presented below. Governor Lee and Mayor Cooper were listed as witnesses in the complaint. Interesting that the CDC’s “top medical advisor” telling us all what to do isn’t interested enough in her medical profession to maintain a legal license to practice medicine…isn’t it? A lot like the fraud attorney Gloria Allred presenting herself as a representing attorney in Alabama, despite not being licensed in the state, nor was anyone in her firm. Except Gloria actually does have a current license, unlike Birx. It will be interesting to see if the Board disciplines Birx for the violations or if Attorney General Slattery will pursue the 6+ million misdemeanor charges that appear warranted, because the Board cannot address the criminal activity. Maybe they could just brush it off with a $50 fine for each instance, avoiding the jury trial guaranteed by our State Constitution for fines or considerations thereof in excess of $50, the way corrupt municipalities do with traffic $camera$ and their $160 “court costs”. I am sure they could use $300+ Million right now for the unemployment fund due to the CDC’s “expert advice” on the Coronahoax. Or will they somehow try to justify an unlicensed person masquerading as a physician giving medical directives to millions with no consequences or liability? I thought Obamacare was supposed to let me keep my doctor, not force some fraud on me I don’t want.


“Deborah Leah Birx was practicing medicine without a license in the City of Nashville, in the State of Tennessee on Monday July 27, 2020 as was well documented and reported by multiple mass media sources. Below are just two examples:

These web pages have been archived at

Tenn. Code Ann. §63-6-204 defines “practicing medicine” as:

“(a) (1) Any person shall be regarded as practicing medicine, within the meaning of this chapter, who treats, or professes to diagnose, treat, operates on or prescribes for any physical ailment or any physical injury to or deformity of another.”

Birx used the title “Dr.” and prescribed the use of medical devices to our State Governor and additionally our 95 County mayors to be mandated to all residents of the State of Tennessee for the ailment of “SARS-COV-2” transmission or “COVID-19”. Birx effectively made this prescription of medical devices for over 6 million residents of the State of Tennessee, deeming that all residents require her prescription with the statement:

Whether you live in a rural area or an urban area, you need to wear a mask to protect your family.

This prescription was made despite the fact Birx has neither seen, met nor communicated with the vast majority (millions) of these persons. Birx made no individual patient evaluation to determine if masks are appropriate for all residents. Birx also did not create patient medical records and it will therefore be impossible to follow up in a clinical setting to see if there are any side effects to wearing the masks she prescribed. This drive-by diagnosis is reckless behavior for a medical professional. But when you have no license to begin with, what do you have to lose?

Birx holds no medical license of any kind in the State of Tennessee. Birx has been a resident of the State of Maryland since at least 2009 (see attached property record card). Birx holds no medical license in the State of Maryland where she resides. Birx had a medical license in the State of Pennsylvania (MD039084E) which expired in 2014 while she was a resident of the State of Maryland. Note that the license status is Expired, not Inactive (see attached PA license card). She has been using the title “Dr.” and practicing medicine without a license for at least six years and likely for eleven years.

Per Tenn. Code Ann. §63-6-203, each instance of Practicing Medicine without a license is a separate Class B misdemeanor:

“(a) (1) Any person who practices medicine or surgery in this state without having first complied with the provisions of this chapter commits a Class B misdemeanor for each instance of such practice. (2) Each time any person practices medicine or surgery without first obtaining a valid certificate or renewing a certificate constitutes a separate offense.

Additionally, since Birx holds no medical license in the State of Tennessee, she is also in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. §67-4-101 and has not paid the Professional Privilege Tax required of registered physicians in order to practice medicine in the State of Tennessee:

Per Tenn. Code Ann. §67-4-101, The occupations, businesses and business transactions deemed privileges are to be taxed, and not pursued without license, and shall be such as are declared by this code or by legislative acts that are not to be deemed repealed by the enactment of this code.

Because her only medical license has been expired since 2014, one could only assume that Birx has not maintained the required continuing education requirements for physicians in Pennsylvania. She has no medical license in good standing and would not be granted reciprocity in Tennessee. Pennsylvania would require her to produce all six years’ worth of continuing education to reinstate the expired license.

This behavior is not tolerated by the Board for Tennessee resident physicians that hold valid, current medical licenses who pay their privilege taxes and it should not be permitted for out-of-state, unlicensed, non-registrants. Non-licensed persons should not be masquerading as doctors, using the professional title and prescribing medical treatment to millions of people via the executive branch of government.”


Birx Real Property Card



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