Dangerous Tourism Fascist Development Authority Close to Passage

Tona Monroe and Carol Ross spoke to the Commission on Tuesday about the potential dangers of the creation of the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority.  Both have written about it in the past

The need for this Authority, and what will be gained from it, have not been explained to the citizens.  Speak out now, or get ready to endure fascism (crony capitalism) in Blount County, with your hotel tax dollars.


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Tourism Fascist Development Authority Close to Passage

  1. Authorities are dangerous when there is no government controlling them. Remember how the Maryville Housing Authority took dozens of “sub-standard” houses (in their opinion), tore down the houses, and provided space for Krogers, Target, and other businesses for the potential monies
    Then there is the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and all the farms that they took and flooded; this removed families not only from their property and homes, but took their livelihood.
    How did “for the better good” help these people??

  2. This discussion is spot on, and the commission has shown that they are closet Agenda 21 supporters by implementing the vehicle for its use, while at the same time, introducing a toothless resolution against it.

    This is a confirmation that the growth coalition (of the past) is exerting their influence, enriching themselves at the public coffers to eventually sell off what is not theirs. The key is developing the growth coalition of the future, which is not a one-horse game. That is not desired by some since it dilutes the status quo.

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