The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Vote Republican

Looks like all the “social” conservatives are getting their rears in line by endorsing the flip flopping wet noodle Mitt Romney.  After all Reagan said not to speak ill of fellow Republicans, even though power hungry Republicans been been for months. 

Now conservatives are suppose to forget that Mitt Romney proposed ObamaCare before Obama, and that he has taken both sides of nearly ever other issue.  It’s more important to be on the winning team right?  Wrong.  Until Americans start voting based on principles, we’re going to continue getting more of the same, just with a different label.

Conservatives stop making excuses for Mitt Romney simply because he’s not Obama.  Even Mitt Romney doesn’t know where he stands on the issues.  When Mitt gives a speech he’s liable to have a different position at the end of it than he had at the beginning.  It’s whatever Goldman Sachs and the globalist tell him.  He’s a puppet, the same as Obama.  The differences between Willard Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama are so minor, it’s not worth the headache of trying to figure out where they actually differ.

I am sure the globalist are laughing at how they’ve been able to give the people two robots who are nearly identical, while Americans are gullible enough to believe they actually have a choice.

6 thoughts on “The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Vote Republican

  1. But Romney’s $4 Trillion Republican budget is better than Obama’s $4 Trillion Democrat budget! Rush Limbaugh told me so!

  2. He’s my least favorite, but about all I really want is a fifth anti-abortion judge. Also, I am hoping that after pretending to be a conservative for two straight primaries, some of it will have worn off on him. And I bet he will at least pick a decent running mate.

    • Chuck Baldwin destroyed the vote for the Republican because he’ll appoint conservative Judges argument.

      While I agree that this country needs to repent from the slaughter of 50 million babies, it’s not enough to settle for a flip flopping wet noodle on the tiny hope that he may appoint a pro-life Judge, when his record demonstrates he won’t. Neither would Santorum for that matter, he voted for Sotomayor. All the Romney supporters, and those who hold their nose and vote for him, can claim is that he will drive us off the economic cliff a tad bit slower than Obama. Some consolation!

    • So are conservatives for judicial activism? I thought it was all about upholding the Constitution.

      And supporting a candidate who will continue the policies that will bankrupt America just because you think they’ll appoint a Supreme Court Justice you like doesn’t make any logical sense.

      • Yes of course conservatives want judicial activism and so do liberals, but neither want to call it that when they agree with the Judges.

        Conservatives have been falling for and using the 5th Judge excuse for many years as justification for intellectual laziness.

        The only thing I’ve heard conservatives say about their reason for voting for Romney, other than he’s not Obama, is that he’s a business man. So what. So are mafia members and all those banksters that Romney gets donations from. Come to think of if the government doesn’t operate much differently than the mafia. You either pay them for protection or they harass you and lock you up.

  3. It is important to look at past history
    If you dislike Obama care keep in mind that it was modeled after the health care plan implemented when Romney was Governor
    He is for open borders and gun confiscation (the best indication of future behavior is past behavior) regardless of what he says
    Actions speak louder than words – – –

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