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From Karen Bracken:


On Monday….We need to bombard their email and make one final push for phone calls.  If these bills die in subcommittee they are done and will never go to the House for a vote to passage.  I have made sending an email as easy as possible.  I suggest you send two emails to the subcommittee.  1 to address the 2 Fluoride bill/resolution (HB1186/HJR0130).  1 to address the Smart Meter Choice bill (HB373).   HOPE TO SEE YOU ON TUESDAY IN NASHVILLE.

The same subcommittee members will be hearing all 3 of these bills (HB1186 – Rep. DeBerry – Fluoride Referendum) (HJR0130 – Rep. Lynn – Resolution to request further study of fluoridating our water supply) and (HB373 – Rep. Womick – Smart Meter Choice)

I have attached information on Fluoride and Smart Meter for you to attach to your email.  Be sure to send your email using the BCC option.

I have also included a sample letter you can use to address the Fluoride issue.  You will be sending two separate emails to the same group list.

The Smart Meter bill does not ban Smart Meters it allows choice and choice without penalty.

Rep. Art Swann – Chairman R 615-741-5481
Rep. Kent Calfee  R 615-741-7658
Rep. Charles Curtiss  D  615-741-1963
Rep. Barry Doss  R 615-741-7476
Rep. Pat Marsh  R 615-741-6824
Rep. Jason Powell  D  615-741-6861
Rep. Curry Todd  R 615-741-1866
Rep. Tim Wirgau  R 615-741-6804

COPY-PASTE for ease of sending 1 email to all….BE SURE TO SEND BCC.,,,,,,,

10 Facts about Fluoride     Just Say No Thirty Talking Points _1_

This video of testimony to the Texas state legislature is excellent.  It is 54 minutes long but the education you will get is well worth it.  I sent this to Rep. Womick and Sen. Ketron.  I also sent it to all the members of the subcommittee that will hear this bill on Tuesday.

From Citizens Groups in Blount County:

3311 Laws Chapel Rd.
Maryville, TN  37803
Dear  Representatives,

                                 HB 1186 by DeBerry       SB 1211 by Campfield

We are asking for your support on the subject bill currently in our Tennessee House and Senate committees.

The citizens of Blount County feel that they should have a choice when it comes to ingesting chemicals.  Hydro-fluosilicic acid, not natural fluoride, is being added to our water supply by local utility districts.  Fluoridation without Representation actually filed a court case in 2008 to request information regarding the elements that are present in this product, knowing that it contains mercury, arsenic, lead, etc.  Our lawsuit was dismissed on the basis that the utility company was not required to answer our Discovery questions.  Therefore, not only are the utility board members not elected, they have no accountability to their customers.

Customers of the utility districts are being drugged, without their permission, with a toxic waste chemical that has never been approved by the FDA.  Even a medical doctor’s creed states:  “Do no harm”.  Fluoridation has been proven to have harmful health affects for people, such kidney disease, thyroid problems, arthritis, cancers, IQ deficiencies, as well as fluorosis of the teeth.  The National Kidney foundation has pulled their support of fluoridation and the ADA has announced that baby formulas should not be mixed with fluoridated tap water.  Citizens who want fluoride added to their diet have fluoride tablets and toothpastes available; while people who do not want to ingest this poison, are forced to purchase expensive filtration systems for their homes, if they can even afford to do so.

The subject bill does not stop fluoridation.  It gives the citizens of Tennessee who live in fluoridated areas the opportunity to have a referendum of choice.  We believe that people deserve the right to determine whether or not fluoridation will cease or continue.

I would be more than happy to provide information or meet with you personally to discuss this fluoridation referendum bill.  Thank you for your consideration.


                                                                        Linda King
Fluoridation without Representation
“Citizens for Blount County’s Future”
Supporting            Blount County Public Record
Grassroots groups:  Blount County Tax Revolt
Smoky Mountain Tea Party
WBCR 1470-AM Radio

Info forwarded to me by a friend who received this from someone in Europe.

Great – we are all going to benefit from the roll out of Smart Meters in the UK and Ireland…….
Just like Flouride (in the water and toothpaste and other products) the amount of medical data that proves these are incredibly harmful is being completely ignored – please do your own research , see some links below. You are advised to immediately write to your utility suppliers stating that you do NOT want any Smart Meter installed (SEE SAMPLE LETTERS BELOW) and that you do not want the negative effects from units installed into homes next to yours:
Please copy and paste this mail and send it out from your own email address, we can only change this madness if we get the facts and ACT.
What British Gas say in their customer charter:

Smart Meter Ireland:

Small sample of Evidence for the harm smart meters are causing:
Dr Dietrich Klinghart MD, Phd –  Smart Meters and EMR:Health Crisis of our time:
Emf Smart Meter radiation levels outside of our home
Harvard Public Health Physician warns of Smart Meter Dangers
The Smart Grid – Global spy network of each citizen- evidence and Legal Notice Documents:
Bay Area Father has Smart Meter removed to Protect Family
Austrian Medical AssociationCalls for Smart Meter Halt
The real story behind SMART Meters
Agenda 21 – Global Smart Grid – Deborah Tavares Interview:
In the PRESS:
Namaste Magazine:
Nexus Magazine:
National Geographic Magazine:
CTV News
WHICH Magazine:
Propaganda video to convince customers that smart meters are safe:
Look at the information above and then work out how many consumers without access to truthful information will see this propaganda and go ahead with installation. How many times have we heard it before:
BSE – beef burgers and beef products are COMPLELY SAFE – mad cow disease then spreads to population
FLORIDE in Water is COMPLTELY SAFE – 100 + studies saying it is not , ONLY 2-5% of Europe has fluoride in water – HOLLAND has ‘banned fluoride’ in its constitution.
YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS ARE SAFE WITH US .. oh and theres a green pig flying past my window:
GMO LABELLING will inform you if you are eating GM food … No it won’t as the law allows a GM content in the EU of less than 1% with NO labelling!! This is like saying it OK to have up to 1% arsenic in your cornflakes!
IRAQ HAS WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction – based on this lie 300,000+ people have died
GOVERNMENT SUPPORT OF THE BANKSTERS with your money – you and your children’s children will pay for their greed.
… and the LIST goes on
Email by Dr. Ken Monar:
Sirs, Madams, Friends:
These are some matters to consider on the “Smart Meters” technology being deployed in your communities as energy usage meters on the sides or within buildings. I’ve included several attachments (pdf) and the content of a previous email on the matter (RTF).
My personal belief is that this technology should be banned. Opt out will not necessarily help the situation as regarding details on how it is being implemented (see discussions below).
In the end, it will cost consumers more by operational reporting costs and long term in upgrades necessary to avoid rate hikes. It is UNTESTED and does not conform to engineering best practices.
My personal belief is that the requisite “mechanisms” of harm will lie in “susceptibilities” within macromolecular condensed states of DNA (and perhaps other plant and insect macromolecules or cellular and mitochondrial macromolecular aggregates directly or indirectly by effects on same and reaction rates). Modes of interactions might involve combinations of: electronic excitations, Polarization, dielectric relaxations, heat, and Dielectrophoresis. Pulses must not occur in the VLF region of the human brain operations such as diurnal rhythm.
Enclosed you’ll find a copy of a summary work of Robert O. Becker, M.D. This individual, who for all his pioneering work in elucidating the mechanisms of the piezoelectric effect in bones and in enhancement of limb regeneration should have been a candidate for the Nobel Prize, was instead ousted from his career at it’s peak. Gone are the heyday of unpoliticized research where researchers could pursue ends to the logical conclusion. His questions began with the origin of “non-union” fractures in a Veterans hospital. His accounts were also summarized in 2 books: The Body Electric and Cross Currents: the promise of Electromedicine and the perils of Electropollution. We ignore this at our peril.
You are faced with endorsing technologies whose operations and future scope you cannot yet imagine. Conservative voices are needed. In such cases, slower and more incremental progress should be the guidance.
Please share with friends.
Kenneth Monar M.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Maryville, TN

The Body Electric. Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (with Gary Selden). Morrow, New York 1985, ISBN 0-688-06971-1

Cross Currents. The Promise of Electromedicine, the Perils of Electropollution. Torcher, Los Angeles 1990, ISBN 0-87477-536-1


Just past Monday, the following interview appeared on Nationally Syndicated Radio show regarding topic:

Which serves to illustrate my earlier point that THIS UNSTUDIED TECHNOLOGY makes even an “opt out program” a dangerous precedent.

NASA powerpoint presentation discussing the use of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) against populations

*examine the powerpoint document “The Future of War” at this location

2 part radio interview from the Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schafly)

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