How to shove fluoride on poor kids

At about the one hour 20 minute mark of today’s house floor session, Representative Susan Lynn speaks out against dental fluorosis.

You can listen to it here under archived videos legislative House session day 18:

Advance to the 1 hr. 20 mark to save a lot of time.
The pro-fluoride dentist Ramsey speaks and Hill glosses over the fluoride issue.

This is how you shove fluoride on kids by doing it in the name of helping the poor kids get dental care.

Only John DeBerry and Lynn voted against.  Speaker Harwell shows herself to be the hypocrite that she is, by voting to shove fluoride on them in the name of cleaning their teeth.

One thought on “How to shove fluoride on poor kids

  1. Interesting that Bob seems to know a whole lot more about this bill, who it came from, why “we” want to pass it, etc. than the sponsor does. Kind of like Pigeon Forge liquor.

    I seem to remember the cleanings and fluoride application in schools when I was a kid, but it was only offered to certain students. That would have been elementary school, mid-70’s. Hill’s point really isn’t a good one since he just provided two sources within his district that are already seeing their target demographic without further state interference or allowing practicing dentistry without a license. How many of the children in Johnson City don’t already have fluoridated water? If fluoridating water is the “proven” answer, then why isn’t it working? If the kids are drinking Pepsi and eating skittles instead… does this bill address the root? This is the same issue as the public schools. In the end, they simply cannot correct lack of interest at home – even threatening jail time for truants.

    I am really surprised that the dentists and legislators let this work go to “unlicensed” practitioners. I am guessing it would be a loser for them to spend billable hours doing this. My teeth are hard, never had a cavity, so I could probably function just fine with only the hygienist. But just like dentists, not all hygienists are the same.

    I feel much the same way about the Massey bill that let the public school teachers, who for whatever reason still haven’t passed their qualifying course content tests, still get to teach for another year and a half while “unqualified”. What other state “certified” and “licensed” professions get to practice unqualified or unlicensed (and don’t pay privilege taxes)? Engineers do that and they get fined.

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