Local Rag goes out of it’s way to make activist look bad

Mayor Bickers threatened?  Where are the police reports documenting the threats?  Bob Ramsey claimed the same thing when running for State Rep. saying he’d received death threats.

Death threats are a serious matter.  If these politicians have had their lives threatened they should report that to the Sheriff’s Dept.  Berrong will take good care of them and they’ll vote the way he tells them.

The Daily Times goes out of it’s way to investigate those challenging the status quo, but makes no effort to see if any of these alleged threats are legitimate.



2 thoughts on “Local Rag goes out of it’s way to make activist look bad

  1. Do these people think they are worth life in prison?
    Do they consider “That stuff will kill you!” a death threat?
    Makes one wonder…

  2. FTA: “In 2008, however, the board voted to begin fluoridation at the request of then-Blount County Mayor Jerry Cunningham.”

    What has Republican Mayor Mitchell done about this? I remember when he was first elected, he told Mrs. King “You’re going to like what happens”. I wonder if she likes (4) attempted tax increases (2 successful) and hydrofluorosilicic acid in her water…Does anyone?

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