How Biased is The Daily Times?

For over a month now The Daily Times has had a picture of a tattered book on it’s home page under the Focus section.  Several people complained about how one  sided their coverage of the Wheel Tax was.  Even people who don’t get involved in politics complained about the bias in favor of the Wheel Tax.

It’s one thing to cover schools.  It’s another to have a lopsided agenda, while purporting to be a newspaper.


7 thoughts on “How Biased is The Daily Times?

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  2. I have a response to the government-school crowd who like to declare that non-public school families “opted-out” when they chose another path, therefore they shouldn’t get use of facilities, play on the extracurricular ball team, etc. that they pay for like everyone else does. You often hear “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” from these folks. So pay for their cake and starve, tax slave.

    Didn’t you “opt-out” of that per-pupil funding you lust after in Alcoa and Maryville by choosing to live in Blount County? Can’t you move to a district where they spend more money if you really believe that equals better academics? I am sure YOU are willing to pay double the taxes to live there, right? I mean, isn’t your child’s education important to YOU? If the high spender schools are really that much better, why not pay for the tuition difference yourself and enroll your children there rather than try to force your neighbors to pay for it? That’s probably cheaper than moving there and paying higher property taxes indefinitely.

    Or is it possible this isn’t about academics or what is best for the children?

    • Wow this drew me in so quickly. What a vivid piece!I rmmbeeer the story of Davy Crocket and Horatio Bunce, but I hadn’t drawn any correlations between then and now.I enjoy hearing from you about Ron Paul I don’t watch the news, although I should since I will be voting and I appreciate the qualities of his character that you have brought to light.

  3. I’ve attended that school. I’ve used those books. If you would prefer to do so, be my guest. I give kudos to anyone who supports giving Blount schools (and thousands of deserving kids) the money they so honestly need. If you enjoy sending your children to crumbling facilities with underpaid teachers, out-of-date textbooks, and a severe lack of funds to help provide students with the education and academia they crave and need, then please be my guest and continue to greedily withhold money from Blount County schools like the ignorant fools that you are.
    Thanks to the Daily Times for their continued support even when others choose different paths.

    • The greedy fool is you Megan, coveting other people’s hard earned money. Too bad the schools you attended didn’t bother to teach you that taxation is theft. There is no “giving” schools more money. It’s stealing from people who work to pay outrageous administrative salaries and bricks and mortar for schools that aren’t needed. A book with a few torn pages, still has lots of information to convey.

      “I have never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.” Thomas Sowell

  4. The Daily Times was very biased in those articles as they are in most articles.They have skewed elections by refusing to report “the truth” about election candidates, when it was sent to them, because it would shine a negative light on their choice career politician. The sensor what they print if they do not support it. The Daily Times isn’t worth anything except to take to the bathroom and use as toilet paper.

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